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My selection formula it works fine, but it shows a $ symbol before amounts. How can I remove this?

if {tblComparativeBalance.iAcctLevel} - {@@highest_level} = 0 
then if Sum ({tblComparativeBalance.mBalance_amt0}, {tblComparativeBalance.sAccount_cd}) > 0 
         then ToText(Sum ({tblComparativeBalance.mBalance_amt0}, {tblComparativeBalance.sAccount_cd}),2)
         else  "(" + ToText(abs(Sum ({tblComparativeBalance.mBalance_amt0}, {tblComparativeBalance.sAccount_cd})),2) + ")"
else ""

You have to right-click on this formula field on your layout, then choose Format Field...

In the number tab, un-check the Display Currency Symbol, then click OK

But since in your formula you are converting it to string, you have to edit your formula to the following:

ToText(Sum ({tblComparativeBalance.mBalance_amt0},{tblComparativeBalance.sAccount_cd}),2, "")

The last parameter is the Character of the Currency symbol, so in this case you are setting it to empty, means no currency symbol.

Same thing is applied to the else formula.

"(" + ToText(abs(Sum ({tblComparativeBalance.mBalance_amt0}, {tblComparativeBalance.sAccount_cd})),2, "") + ")"

How to Remove Dollar Sign ($ or USD) in Google Sheets , Can someone tell me how to remove a currency symbol from a long list of numbers in a cell, these numbers and symbols have been pasted� One snippet will remove currency symbols from all currencies used in your shop: // Remove all currency symbols function sww_remove_wc_currency_symbols ( $currency_symbol, $currency ) { $currency_symbol = ''; return $currency_symbol; } add_filter ('woocommerce_currency_symbol', 'sww_remove_wc_currency_symbols', 10, 2); Prices will now be displayed with just the value rather than the currency symbol.

If you need to remove it from Strings, you can use:

REPLACE( {yourStringHere} ,"$","")

Remove a currency symbol from several numbers, Adding or removing a currency symbol affects only the displayed value, not the value that is saved in the data source. Double-click the text box control or� How to remove the dollar signs from column in R One way to do it is with the gsub () function, in conjunction with as.numeric (). gsub () is used to substitute specific text from a string with other text, and as.numeric () can coerce a variable to numeric. Let’ see it in action: 1

Convert the number to number first, then text:


Add or remove a currency symbol in a text box or expression box , This video shows you how to remove Currency format in MS Excel 2016. Excel Tips sir 2016 Duration: 1:07 Posted: Nov 5, 2016 i need it just to remove the currency sybol but to work for all types of values. e.g. £0.50 should be 0.50. £10.25 should be 10.25. £150 should be 150.00

How to remove Currency format in Excel, hi all, I have a column with prices. Each cell has values like $1345.45 , i need to get rid of the $ and have the number written without "� Script to change currency symbol based on cell.NumberFormat wont work if cell is a formula By avi-spl in forum Excel Programming / VBA / Macros Replies: 1

how to remove a currency symbol in a cell?, If the currency symbol will always be there, just use substring : var priceNum = parseFloat(price.substring(1));. If it may or may not be there, you� Solved: I have a decimal field 1.2 when I desplay the field it has a dollar sign. How do I remove the dollar sign?

Remove currency symbol from string and convert to a number using , The study referenced cites an increase of 8.15 percent for prices displayed without a currency symbol, as removing the currency symbol� Look on the ribbon! Highlight the cells in question.  Look on the ribbon to see if they are formatted as "Currency" if so change to "Number". If they are formatted as "Accounting" then change the currency symbol for "Accounting" to "none".