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How do I check if the request is an AJAX? I am using CodeIgniter. I have a link that when it clicked, it'll open the pop-up dialog window this is done through ajax it requests to a controller name login_window().

//Here is the controller name:
function login_window(){
    // request via ajax
//here is the jquery code:
//I am using a jquery plugin FACEBOX


<a href="http://localhost/codeigniter/login_window" rel="dialog">Login</a>

I want to check if it is an AJAX request and if not, i will redirect them to homepage. so there's no way they can access the page that is intended only for ajax requests.

If you are using a library that sends the X-Requested-With header, then you can do...

if (strtolower(filter_input(INPUT_SERVER, 'HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH')) === 'xmlhttprequest') {
   // I'm AJAX!

Codeigniter Check Request is Ajax Example, If you want to call same method but if request is ajax then you perform different, then you can do by using $this->input object. In Codeigniter 3 $� To check Ajax Request in CodeIgniter, we will use codeIgniter Output Class Method class is_ajax_request () , this function checks to see if the HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH server header has been set, if set response will be true otherwise false means it will returns a boolean response. you can use something like this.

As of Codeigniter 2.0 it is prefered to use $this->input->is_ajax_request()

How to send AJAX request in CodeIgniter, If you know how to send jQuery AJAX request in Core PHP then it is simpler for you to Make AJAX call either from the view or external script file. I am using users table in the example and added some records in the table. Here in full example we will also check for ajax request using is_ajax_request and send post request using jquery. jQuery Ajax methods really made easy to post or get a data and return that data without refreshing the page. it's really amazing. We will apply this jQuery Ajax post in CodeIgniter 3 project.

I think you are basically looking to protect your ajax api's from being accessed directly by the users. You want users to be able to access ajax api's when invoked by your own code (javascript etc) but users should be denied access if they try to directly hit the api.

If you are still looking for a perfect solution (HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH is not always reliable, since your library might not support this. Even it might get stripped off by proxies if user is behind one) try to use crumbs to protect your ajax api's. Crumbs are used for flow validation, which make sure that users access the api's via a pre-defined/pre-decided flow and not directly.

AJAX Requests — CodeIgniter 4.0.4 documentation, API Response Trait � Localization � Alternate PHP Syntax for View Files Here's how to force the X-Requested-With header to be sent in the Fetch API and other For libraries like jQuery for example, it is not necessary to make explicit the to the official documentation it is a standard header for all requests $.ajax() . A request could be of several types, including an AJAX request or a request from the command line. This can be checked with the isAJAX () and isCLI () methods: // Check for AJAX request. if ($request->isAJAX()) { // } // Check for CLI Request if ($request->isCLI()) { //

In Codeigniter we can use

if(!$this->input->is_ajax_request()){ // check if request comes from an ajax
    redirect(site_url('home'),'refresh'); // if the request is not coming from an ajax redirect to home controller.

Working With HTTP Requests — CodeIgniter 4.0.4 documentation, When a browser requests a page, it asks the server if it can get the page. The server then See the AJAX Requests section on how to avoid this problem. Discover how easy it is to improve the usability of your CodeIgniter applications using jQuery. By leveraging the power of CodeIgniter's MVC-based framework and jQuery's support for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) interaction, learn how to quickly and efficiently create more effective UIs.

Instead of detecting whether your request was an ajax request or not(Which can be any HTTP verb - GET/POST/HEAD) you may wanna try and add/modify routes to your routes.php for specifically handling these scenarios.

Detect AJAX Request, Pretty much the very first thing empty does is to make sure isset is false. Using isset and empty is redundant in this manner. empty() on an unset var will always � But jQuery's ajax() method makes it possible to submit form, post and receive data without refreshing the page. Yep! A cool feature and so many modern websites use this technique to send & receive asynchronous HTTP request. And here we'll see how to use ajax in code igniter for form submission. CodeIgniter Submit Form using AJAX Example:

Check Ajax Request Codeigniter, Well done to codeigniter without notice in codeigniter framework. Determine if email which the ajax codeigniter and willing to apply this. Activity using the current� If you want to call same method but if request is ajax then you perform different, then you can do by using $this->input object. In Codeigniter 3 $this->input object provide is_ajax_request () method to check request is ajax or not, In following example you can see how it's works.

Detect Ajax Request-Php And Frameworks, isAjax=1 with the request to the server and check it on the server side if( isset( contains that variable then you can make sure that the request is made using ajax. Symphony , Laravel and CodeIgniter uses this technic to check the request. //If the request was made via ajax, return the json and exit. Else return the view. So when going to the page, the view will be retrieved via normal get request, and the ajax request would return the json at the same time.

Ajax Form Validation in Codeigniter with JSON, If you not know how to validate form data by using Codeigniter Form library with Ajax, here Duration: 20:58 Posted: Apr 27, 2019 Using POST, GET, COOKIE, or SERVER Data ¶. CodeIgniter comes with helper methods that let you fetch POST, GET, COOKIE or SERVER items. The main advantage of using the provided methods rather than fetching an item directly ($_POST['something']) is that the methods will check to see if the item is set and return NULL if not.