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How can I remove the jsessionid from my urls?

I'm using Spring Boot MVC (without Spring Security; tomcat embedded).

I've read that It could be done by setting the disableUrlRewriting to "true". But this looks like a Spring Security solution, which I don't use (it's a simple project without login; just pages; a session-controller exists and has to be a session-controller).

I'm asking this because GoogleBot is creating urls containing the id.

EDIT: I solved it with the solution described at: https://randomcoder.org/articles/jsessionid-considered-harmful

Spring Boot: remove jsessionid from url, The problem was: I'm using Spring Security and Spring Security has it's own mechanism and <http use-expressions="true" disable-url-rewriting="true" Developing a web application with Spring Boot, AngularJS and Java 8� mvc - remove jsessionid from url spring boot The following filter may solve your problem (from http://randomcoder.org/maven/site/randomcoder-website/cobertura/org.randomcoder.security.DisableUrlSessionFilter.html)

As this question is in spring boot context, easy solution for me was:

    tracking-modes: cookie

Added in appication.yml it modifies embedded tomcat config. From list of ll spring boot properties: https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/htmlsingle/#common-application-properties

Disable jsessionid path parameter in Java web applications – info , Spring boot removal of the URL JSESSIONID, Programmer Sought, the best programmer technical When removing the shiro Login url in the JSESSIONID. Hello, I'm using Wicket 7 with Spring Boot. I've mounted several pages, and for example when I go to search.html, the ;jsessionid always gets attached to the URL. Is there some way to remove the jsessionid from the URLs? In the tomcat configuration I've already set the tracking-mode to be cookie, but

you can also try this,

            public ServletContextInitializer servletContextInitializer() {
                return new ServletContextInitializer() {

                    public void onStartup(ServletContext servletContext) throws ServletException {
                       SessionCookieConfig sessionCookieConfig=servletContext.getSessionCookieConfig();


Spring boot removal of the URL JSESSIONID, can remove jsessionid urls? i'm using spring boot mvc (without spring security; tomcat embedded). i've read done setting disableurlrewriting� In fact when you block sites from setting any data inside your browser, Tomcat 6 rewrites the URL and add a JSESSIONID parameter in it. URL session IDs are sensible informations that shouldn't be transmitted via GET method for security concerns. It may also have a bad impact on SEO. Because sessionid is unique, multiple visits by the same

More portable option which also works for non-SpringBoot, add the following to the webapp's web.xml:


java - Spring Boot: remove jsessionid from url -, disable-url-rewriting spring boot disable jsessionid cookie spring boot spring security configuration spring security session timeout redirect disable multiple� Starting with Spring 3.0, the URL rewriting logic that would append the jsessionid to the URL can now be disabled by setting the disable-url-rewriting=”true” in the <http> namespace. Alternatively, starting with Servlet 3.0, the session tracking mechanism can also be configured in the web.xml:

How can I prevent spring-security from appending ;jsessionid=XXX , In fact when you block sites from setting any data inside your browser, Tomcat 6 rewrites the URL and add a JSESSIONID parameter in it. URL� When we use Spring Session, the default JSESSIONID cookie is replaced with one named SESSION. Last changes: Updated to Spring Session 2, older code version using Spring Session 1.5 is also in the repository. Preparing The Example Application(s) You can find the full source code on GitHub.

Tomcat - Disable JSESSIONID in URL, The solution/workaround is to create a servlet filter which will disable/skip url based sessionid generation. package my.package.web.filter; import� As a result while logging in the Java API used to get the request from the browser along with a JSESSIONID(Just the ID since the session was invalidated) and would create the new session with the

Java jsessionid in URL, Tomcat - Disable JSESSIONID in URL I had a problem with a Java webapp that works within a Tomcat 6 container. spring,spring-security,spring-boot. Spring� The JSESSIONID is generated by the WebLogic Server (WLS) managed server hosting the Forms Servlet. WLS adds the JSESSIONID to the URL using a method called URL Rewriting. For some environments, including the JSESSIONID in each URL exchange may not be desirable.