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There are many ways the value of a <input type="text"> can change, including:

  • keypresses
  • copy/paste
  • modified with JavaScript
  • auto-completed by browser or a toolbar

I want my JavaScript function to be called (with the current input value) any time it changes. And I want it to be called right away, not just when the input loses focus.

I'm looking for the cleanest and most robust way to do this across all browsers (using jQuery preferably).

This jQuery code catches immediate changes to any element, and should work across all browsers:

 $('.myElements').each(function() {
   var elem = $(this);

   // Save current value of element'oldVal', elem.val());

   // Look for changes in the value
   elem.bind("propertychange change click keyup input paste", function(event){
      // If value has changed...
      if ('oldVal') != elem.val()) {
       // Updated stored value'oldVal', elem.val());

       // Do action

Detect all changes to a <input type=“text”> (immediately) using , This jQuery code is used to catch the immediate changes to any element, you can use this for all browsers like this: $('. This jQuery code is used to catch the immediate changes to any element, you can use this for all browsers like this: $ ('.myElements').each (function () { var elem = $ (this); // Save current value of element

A real-time fancy solution for jQuery >= 1.9

$("#input-id").on("change keyup paste", function(){

if you also want to detect "click" event, just:

$("#input-id").on("change keyup paste click", function(){

if you're using jQuery <= 1.4, just use live instead of on.

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How to detect if textarea content has changed with JavaScript/jQuery , Note that the change event fires once only when the value is committed (i.e. when the the oninput event handler is fired whenever any change is the textarea. Excel has a useful Track Changes feature, it can help you to mark the changed cells, please do as follows: 1. Click Review > Track Changes > Highlight Changes, see screenshot: 2. In the Highlight Changes dialog box, do the following operations: (1.) Check Track changes while editing. This also shares your workbook. (2.)

Binding to the oninput event seems to work fine in most sane browsers. IE9 supports it too, but the implementation is buggy (the event is not fired when deleting characters).

With jQuery version 1.7+ the on method is useful to bind to the event like this:

$(".inputElement").on("input", null, null, callbackFunction);

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2017 answer: the input event does exactly this for anything more recent than IE8.

$(el).on('input', callback)

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