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old date is already present in the table new date are i want to update

this should be a straight update.

update tableA set `old date` = `update date`

MySQL, UPDATE mytable SET fruit = CASE WHEN id=1 THEN 'orange' ELSE 'strawberry' END, drink = CASE WHEN id=1 THEN 'water' ELSE 'wine' END, food = CASE� This update sql command will update a single row for this Employee Table. SQL Update Multiple Columns: Let’s say you wants to update multiple column value like you wants to change the Last Name,Salary and Email Address for Goe Robert. Then you have to execute the below sql update multiple columns query: UPDATE Employee SET LastName = ‘Peter

Based on your comments:

update table_name set olddate= case when jmt_id = 1 then newdate else '2019-11-28' end

Updating multiple rows with different values in one query, I wanted to know how to UPDATE multiple rows with different values and I just don't get it. You can use a CASE statement to handle multiple if/then scenarios: UPDATE How can I get ID of the last updated row in MySQL? You must have such a list UPDATE MasterTable SET Size = (SELECT Size FROM SKU_Size_Map WHERE MasterTable.SKU = SKU_Size_Map.Size) WHERE SKU IN (SELECT SKU FROM SKU_Size_Map); The main WHERE condition is need to avoid setting the size to null where there is no matching row. You can probably also do it with a MERGE statement.

try this one to update multiple rows using different values.

update table_name set `old date` = `update date` where 'JTM_id' IN (1265, 1355, 1604)

MySQL - UPDATE multiple rows with different values in , But, I'm needing to UPDATE a column in multiple rows with a different value for each WHERE condition. My updates are being done as� This depends somewhat on your RDBMS/host language, but at worst this can be accomplished with a simple dynamic SQL (using a VALUES() clause), and then a standard update-from-another-table. Most systems provide utilities for bulk load, though. Second - And this is somewhat RDBMS dependent as well, you could construct a dynamic update statement.

Multiple UPDATE, same column, different values, different WHERE , I hope it helps you. DECLARE @ProjectTable TABLE(ProjectmaterialId INT , ProjectId INT, MaterialCode VARCHAR(2)) INSERT INTO� But, I'm needing to UPDATE a column in multiple rows with a different value for each W… I've found plenty of info around about updating multiple rows with the same value using "WHERE columname

sql-Update multiple rows in a column with different values from a list , We are no longer setting all the salary fields to the same value, so we can't collapse it into a single statement. But we can group the updates� first: this just adds value 1 to each column SomeIntField. update tblUser set SomeIntField = SomeIntField + 1. second : this adds an incrementing value, the first row gets +1, second gets +2, and so on declare @number int = 0 update tblUser set @number = @number + 1, SomeIntField = isnull(SomeIntField, 0) + @Number.

DBIx::MultiRow – Updating multiple database rows quickly and easily, I have a table containing the columns Policy_Number and Rider_Code. There can be multiple records having the same Policy_Number but� A simple way is just to generate 500 UPDATE statements with the old and new values of the column in them: update table set column=newvalue where column = oldvalue; This is tedious, but if you have a list of old and new values, you can easily generate the SQL with a bit of Python, Bash, or a program in your favorite programming language.