How do you run react-native app in production mode?

react native cli
react native run-android
react native run-android emulator
react native __dev__
react native run-ios
react native debugger
react native: no apps connected
how to deploy react native app

I thought you could do this with react-native run-android --dev=false, but doing this doesn't stop the developer menu from showing up when I shake the phone and the request url to the packager has dev=true in the url params.

It's in the dev menu under the settings option. The key is that you then have to reload the JS. You can verify in your packager output that dev=false.

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There are two configurations Release and Debug. By default apps run in debug mode. To run in Release mode

react-native run-android --variant release #android
react-native run-ios --configuration Release #ios

To find other available options

react-native run-ios -h
react-native run-android -h

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Running On Device � React Native, Your project will always run in one of two modes: development or production. project (via expo publish ), or any standalone apps, will run in production mode. React Native includes some very useful tools for development: remote� Search for React Native Development Get Info at! Find React Native Development Get Info at!

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Debugging React Native in Production Mode, Use environment variables in React Native - learn how, here. To run the app using one of the build types defined above, go to View -> Tool� Type the following in your command prompt to install and launch your app on the device: $ npx react-native run-android If you get a "bridge configuration isn't available" error, see Using adb reverse. Hint. You can also use the React Native CLI to generate and run a Release build (e.g. npx react-native run-android --variant=release).

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  • Is this settings menu only available on Android?