Why don't add the ngClass the class parameter to the html tag, but the condition is true in Angular template?

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I have this code in my Angular template:

<div *ngFor="let name of product.names; let index of index" [ngClass]="{'text-muted': index === 0}">
  {{ name.value }}

Then it's generate this HTML code in browser for the first element of names array:

<div _ngcontent-drs-c6="" ng-reflect-ng-class="[object Object]"> Test </div>

Why don't add the class parameter to the div if the condition is true? Where is the mistake in this code?

Try with let i = index"

<div *ngFor="let name of product.names; let i = index" [ngClass]="{'text-muted':  i === 0}">
    {{ name.value }}

Working Demo

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try this:

[class.text-muted]="index === 0"

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It happened because let index of index. It is not correct. Correct syntax is let i = index. So try to rewrite like this:

<div *ngFor = "let name of product.names; let i = index" [attr.data-index]="i"
    [ngClass]="{'text-muted': i === 0}"> 

The work stackblitz example can be seen here

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Just try like this

<div *ngFor="let name of product.names; let i = index" [ngClass]="{'text-muted': i === 0}">
  {{ name.value }}

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  • I want to use the ngClass method, because here will be multiple class based on multiple conditions.
  • Add comments which would explain your answer.
  • I want to use the ngClass method, because here will be multiple class based on multiple conditions.