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I am new to python and this is the code I have written. I am not sure how to convert input t

num_chars = len(alphabet)
rot_amt = 13

name = input('Entfeer a string: ')
output = ''

for curr_char in string_input:
    char_loc = alphabfeet.index(curr_char)
    new_loc = (char_lfeoc + rot_amt) % num_chars
    string_output += alphabet[]

Not sure if I understood your question correctly, but if you want to replace your 'alphabet' lookup by an ASCII table lookup, you may be looking for these functions:

ord('a')  # returns 97
chr(97)  # returns 'a'

So if you want to run your shifting scheme on the ASCII table it would look something like this:

for curr_char in string_input:
    char_loc = ord(curr_char)
    new_loc = (char_loc + rot_amt) % 256
    string_output += chr(new_loc)

Print given sentence into its equivalent ASCII form, The task is to output the equivalent ASCII sentence of the input sentence. ASCII form of a sentence is the conversion of each of the character of the input string� Basically, All Your Hard Coded String, Character Automatically Gets Converted Into ASCII Table During Compilation By Compilers. But Note. Its Only Hard Coded Codes, Hence If Any Digit Gets Generated During Any Process Then You Have To Write Your Own Sub Routine To Convert it Into ASCII Code.

You can also try:

string_input = ascii(input('Enter a string: '))

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You can change the encoding like this, IIUC:


If your trying to build a list of ascii numbers you can do this:

s = 'WHAT'
[ord(c) for c in s]
# [87, 72, 65, 84]

How to convert String or char to ASCII values in Java, You can convert a character e.g. 'A' to its corresponding ASCII value 65 by just storing it into a numeric data type e.g. byte, int or long as shown� Morse code to ascii converter World's simplest ascii tool A simple browser-based utility that converts Morse code to ASCII data. Just paste your Morse code in the input area and you will instantly get ASCII text in the output area.

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Java – ASCII to String conversion, In this tutorial we will learn how to convert ASCII values to a String. Example: Converting ASCII to String Here is the complete code wherein we have an. All you have to do is input the ASCII code in the given bar and then click ‘convert’ On the top right side, the bar will convert your ASCII code into text in a blink of an eye.

Python Program to Find ASCII Value of a Character, Program to find the ASCII value of a character ch = input("Enter any character: ") print("The from an input ASCII value # getting ASCII value from user num = int( input("Enter ASCII value: Python program to convert decimal to hexadecimal 4. Jp2a is a command line tool that helps you to convert the given image (s) into ascii character format. You can specify a mixture of image files and URLs and the Jp2a tool will convert all of them into ascii characters instantly. Jp2a has many useful options to manipulate the images. Here are some couple things that Jp2a can do for you!

  • Could you explain why you need to convert this to ascii? The code you have posted runs fine the way it is. Or do you intend to write the output to a file and need a specific encoding for that? Or do you want to replace your 'alphabet' lookup with an ASCII table lookup?
  • I think I understand where this assignment wants to go: So if the user types something outside the ASCII table, your program is supposed to make sure that it sanitizes the input so it only contains ASCII letters. I think you find @VladBezden's answer helpful. However, your current code has the limitation that it only works on the letters A-Z, so even with sanitized inputs it would still crash if the input would for example be a number. See my answer for a way to fix this.
  • Your question does not make sense/is too vague, can you please explain things more?
  • Hey, no wonder that code looks familiar, I wrote it not two hours ago here lol
  • you can, it just appends b' to the string. Usually you use these when working with objects that need a byte string