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I have the following array

var array1 = ["2020-05-23","2020-05-24","2020-05-25","2020-05-26","2020-05-27","2020-05-28","2020-05-29","2020-05-30","2020-09-12","2020-09-13","2020-09-14","2020-09-15","2020-09-16","2020-09-17","2020-09-18","2020-09-19","2020-05-23","2020-05-24","2020-05-25","2020-05-26","2020-05-27","2020-05-28","2020-05-29","2020-05-30","2020-06-20","2020-06-21","2020-06-22","2020-06-23","2020-06-24","2020-06-25","2020-06-26","2020-06-27","2020-06-28","2020-06-29","2020-06-30","2020-07-01","2020-07-02","2020-07-03","2020-07-04","2020-09-12","2020-09-13","2020-09-14","2020-09-15","2020-09-16","2020-09-17","2020-09-18","2020-09-19"]

I want to build 2 new arrays by removing at 1st array last date in a row and second array with first date in a row. Example for dates "2020-05-23","2020-05-24","2020-05-25","2020-05-26","2020-05-27","2020-05-28","2020-05-29","2020-05-30" I want to remove "2020-05-30" in 1st array and "2020-05-23" at the second array.

So the new arrays will look like

(1st new array with removed last date)

    var array2 = ["2020-05-23","2020-05-24","2020-05-25","2020-05-26","2020-05-27","2020-05-28","2020-05-29","2020-09-12","2020-09-13","2020-09-14","2020-09-15","2020-09-16","2020-09-17","2020-09-18","2020-05-23","2020-05-24","2020-05-25","2020-05-26","2020-05-27","2020-05-28","2020-05-29","2020-06-20","2020-06-21","2020-06-22","2020-06-23","2020-06-24","2020-06-25","2020-06-26","2020-06-27","2020-06-28","2020-06-29","2020-06-30","2020-07-01","2020-07-02","2020-07-03","2020-09-12","2020-09-13","2020-09-14","2020-09-15","2020-09-16","2020-09-17","2020-09-18",]


(2nd new array with removed first date)

    var array3 = ["2020-05-24","2020-05-25","2020-05-26","2020-05-27","2020-05-28","2020-05-29","2020-05-30","2020-09-13","2020-09-14","2020-09-15","2020-09-16","2020-09-17","2020-09-18","2020-09-19","2020-05-24","2020-05-25","2020-05-26","2020-05-27","2020-05-28","2020-05-29","2020-05-30","2020-06-21","2020-06-22","2020-06-23","2020-06-24","2020-06-25","2020-06-26","2020-06-27","2020-06-28","2020-06-29","2020-06-30","2020-07-01","2020-07-02","2020-07-03","2020-07-04","2020-09-13","2020-09-14","2020-09-15","2020-09-16","2020-09-17","2020-09-18","2020-09-19"]

if you have two array then use.. - Remove the first element: array_shift($array); - Remove the last element: array_pop($array);

If you want to remove both element (first and last)then... - array_slice($array, 1, -1);

Find latest date based on a condition, Replace part of formula Double click cell C5; Copy / Paste above array formula; Press and hold Ctrl Click on cell B1 to filter the latest date based on the selected value, the Lookup all values and find latest (earliest) date. As a result, the HLOOKUP() function returns the value in the fourth row of htable (D1:D8)--the last entry for the lookup date of 6/2/2010. If you have a more efficient method for finding the last

Looking like C# there. If you know the positions are always first and last. In that case I think that would be easily accomplished with a new feature in C# 8. Range can break out slices of data from Arrays. Take a look at this: Microsoft docs range

var lastItem = list[..^2]; 

This creates a new array from the seccond to last place in the old array.

var slice2 = list[2..]; 

This creates a new array from the seccond position in the old array.

Hope that helps.

Calculate the earliest or latest date in Excel based on criteria by , If you have dates in Excel, and you want to find the earlies or lastest date The formula will Duration: 4:10 Posted: Feb 20, 2019 Using unset() Function: The unset() function is used to remove element from the array. The unset function is used to destroy any other variable and same way use to delete any element of an array. This unset command takes the array key as input and removed that element from the array. After removal the associated key and value does not change

Check this link with array functions in JavaScript

array1.pop();    // Removes the last element from an array and returns only that element. 
var array2 = array1;

array1.shift();  // Removes the first element from an array and returns only that element.
var array3 = array1;


Removing Rows from Array Based on Date/Time Value in Cell , Learn more about datenum, array, csv, matlab, datetime, help. I am trying to remove all lines of data for whom the "last order date" (row 17 of my CSV file) is after 8/31/2019. My code was You'll have to get the data into MATLAB first. I have dates sorted in ascending order in a column. I want to find a date and its absolute row number for two different cases. Case 1 (Formula 1 & Formula 2): I want to find the first date (and its row number) that is equal to a given date or the next available date if it does not exist Case 2 (Formula 3 & Formula 4): I want to find the last date (and its row number) that is equal to a given

Returning the first and last item in a subset in Excel, Select the dates and header cell in column A—that's A1:A8 for this example. From the Data menu, choose Filter | Advanced Filter. In the resulting� In the below pic we should delete the rows whose dates are 6/20//2016 as its not < 8 days from today's date 6/30/2016. It is 11 days so delete it. Delete the rows were date is 7/15/2016 as its more than 8 day's from 6/30/2016. i tried with the below code but its deleting even the rows that have 6/28/2016 and 7/4/2016.

Getting Rid of All Rows Except the One for the Latest Date (Microsoft , Gary needs to delete all the rows for each facility with the exception of the The result would be one row per facility, showing the latest inspection date. Using the controls in the dialog box, indicate that you want to sort first by as an array formula, meaning you press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to add it to cell F2. I will show you the formula first and then explain it in detail. This one formula does 108,000 calculations. The explanation here is about row 2. The same concept applies to row 3. Remember that dates are really stored as the number of days elapsed since January 1, 1900. The date in A2 is really stored as 42045. The date in B2 is really stored

How to find earliest and latest dates in a range in Excel?, Find the earliest or latest dates in each row/column in Excel. This Select Cells with Max or Min Value utility of Kutools for Excel also supports to select the maximum� If there is no such offset row (e.g., when the offset is 1, the first row of the window does not have any previous row), default is returned. last If isIgnoreNull is true, returns only non-null values.

  • is it JavaScript?
  • as you can see the dates I need to remove are not only at the end of each array. there is a row of dates 23/5/2020 till 30/5/2020 , 12/09/2020 - 19/09/2020, 20/06/2020 - 04/07/2020 and need to remove at first array 30/05/2020 , 19/09/2020 , 04/07/2020 and at second array 23/05/2020, 12/09/2020, 20/06/2020. Array is dynamic from database.