how to resolve "error MSB3188: Assembly ... must be strong signed in order to be marked as a prerequisite."

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I've seen several questions on this board which are similar, but I think several problems can cause this message, and my particular problem may not have been among them, and certainly my solution appears much simpler and more effective than any of the others.

I have a project which was using packages.config.

I used the Visual Studio UI to migrate by projects references from package.config to PackageReference ( I did this because it allows building with msbuild /t:restore mysln.sln - which doesn't work with packages.config.

I think this GENERALLY works (I tried 5 or 6 times on other projects). But on one project when I rebuilt, I got the error message:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v16.0\OfficeTools\Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Office.targets(236,9): error MSB3188: Assembly 'C:\Users\lew
is\.nuget\packages\mousekeyhook\5.6.0\lib\net40\Gma.System.MouseKeyHook.dll' must be strong signed in order to be marked as a prerequisite.

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  • We have the same problem: VSTO project referencing NGenerics 1.5.3 via Nuget. With packages.config everything ist fine, but with PackageReferences, we get the error. Referencing the affected assemblies locally and un-Nuget-ting ist not a real solution. In our project we reference other projects which are already using PackageReferences. We would either have to put every DLL in a local folder and hold it in source control (ugh) or get back to packages.config and reference our own assemblies via a local nuget repository.
  • We also have a maze of projects with references referencing other projects. And we've so far only had to do this in one place for this one DLL. Your mileage may vary and it would be nice if MSFT just fixed this problem (at least turning the error into an ignorable warning). But I've so far ONLY found this necessary on the use in the top level project (not the class library projects). Best of luck, and if you find a better solution, please let me know here ;-)
  • Lewis Pringle see my solution below! (Sorry, I got the user reference not working.)
  • As it turns out, the NGenerics.dll will not be included in the manifest and thus not in the publish output when published. So deployment is still a problem here.
  • As of now, Microsoft reports to us that support for PackageReference in VSTO projects ist neither supported nor planned. You could change that with a vote for this: VSTO projects created in Visual Studio 2019 do not support Package Reference as the package management format.