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If I have a char array like: char arr[32];

Can I initialize it later on in different functions using arr[0:5] = "00000" and arr[26:31] = "00000"

If not, How can i insert different parts of strings to the char array later on?

you can use memcpy for such purpose

int offset=5;
const char * str="000";

Character Array and Character Pointer in C, In this chapter, we will study the difference between character array and On the contrary, ptr is a pointer variable of type char , so it can take any other address. ptr is by allocation memory dynamically using malloc() or calloc() functions. Data Science Learning Path or Steps to become a data scientist� I have a char array filled with some characters. Let's say I have "HelloWorld" in my char array. (not string. taking up index of 0 to 9) What I'm trying to do is insert a character in the middle of the array, and push the rest to the side to make room for the new character that is being inserted.

You can use memcpy:

char arr[35];
memcpy(&arr[0], "00000", 5);
memcpy(&arr[30], "00000", 5);

C Arrays Basics Explained with 13 Examples, This article is part of our on-going C programming series. If array stores character elements then type of array is 'char'. is a popular name given to a series of bytes allocated on heap. this is achieved through malloc() function. So we can store 5 different names with max length of 10 characters each. String and Character Array. String is a sequence of characters that is treated as a single data item and terminated by null character '\0'.Remember that C language does not support strings as a data type.

You can write a separate function that performs the task.

Here is a demonstrative program.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

char * insert( char *dsn, size_t pos, size_t n, const char *src )
    memcpy( dsn + pos, src, n );
    return dsn;

int main(void) 
    enum { N = 32 };
    char s[N] = "";
    const char *s1 = "AAAAA";
    const char *s2 = "BBBBB";

    puts( insert( s, 0, 5, s1 ) + 0 );

    puts( insert( s, 26, 5, s2 ) + 26 );

    return 0;

Its output is


C Programming Course Notes - Character Strings, Instead C stores strings of characters as arrays of chars, terminated by a null byte . to other situations involving combinations of arrays, pointers, and functions. E.g. stop on periods, or when two successive slashes, //, are encountered. Just like variables, array can also be passed to a function as an argument . In this guide, we will learn how to pass the array to a function using call by value and call by reference methods. To understand this guide, you should have the knowledge of following C Programming topics: C – Array; Function call by value in C; Function call by

String and Character Arrays in C Language, Another method to read character string with white spaces from terminal is by using the gets() function. char text[20]; gets(text);� In C programming, creating an array for use inside a function works just like creating an array for use inside the main() function: The array is declared, it’s initialized, and its elements are used. You can also pass arrays to and from functions, where the array’s elements can be accessed or manipulated.

char* vs std:string vs char[] in C++, In this article, we are going to inspect three different ways of initializing strings in C++ from string constant to 'char*'” because in C string literals are arrays of char but Note: Do not use cstring or string.h functions when you are declaring string or char str[size] = "This is GeeksForGeeks"; // Here str is a array of characters� For example consider an array n[10] having four elements: n[0] = 1, n[1] = 2, n[2] = 3 and n[3] = 4 And suppose you want to insert a new value 60 at first position of array. i.e. n[0] = 60, so we have to move elements one step below so after insertion

Storage for Strings in C, In C, a string can be referred to either using a character pointer or as a character array. character arrays, they are stored like other types of arrays in C. For example, be used when we don't want to modify string at a later stage in the program. other dynamically allocated things in C and can be shared among functions. C program to insert an element in an array, for example, consider an array a[10] having three elements in it initially and a[0] = 1, a[1] = 2 and a[2] = 3 and you want to insert a number 45 at location 1 i.e. a[0] = 45, so we have to move elements one step below so after insertion a[1] = 1 which was a[0] initially, and a[2] = 2 and a[3] = 3.

  • Yes, you can. You need to write the code possibly using the memcpy function, eg. memcpy(arr + 26, "00000", 5)