Is it possible to achieve an Icon that represents the number of notifications a user has in Flutter/Dart?

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I just wanted to ask if anyone here has implemented a notification module for their flutter applications similar to how the twitter notifications work. Wherein there is the icon and the number of notifications a user has is stacked on top of the icon, something kind of like this:

If possible, How did you implement this? Thanks in advance to all!

Just use one of the many packages that are available. e.g.

Notification Android and iOS using Flutter, Flutter plugin for Notifications in both Android and iOS platform. you have a new message, email or missed call, you will be able to swipe When there are notifications sitting in the Notification panel, you will also see an icon at The file , schedule_notifications.dart, containing this utility class will ensure� 0 Is it possible to align text at start in a flutter button Nov 16 '19 0 Is it possible to achieve an Icon that represents the number of notifications a user has in Flutter/Dart? Nov 21 '19

Hope this could help,

    onPressed: () {},
    icon: Stack(
      children: <Widget>[
        new Container(
          padding: EdgeInsets.only(right: 5.0),
          child: Icon(Icons.mail_outline),
        new Positioned(
          top: 0.0,
          right: 0.0,
          child: Stack(
            children: <Widget>[
                size: 15.0,
                color: Colors.redAccent,
                style: new TextStyle(
                  color: Colors.white,
                  fontSize: 8.0,
                  fontWeight: FontWeight.w500,

flutter_local_notifications, A cross platform plugin for displaying local notifications. notification sound; Ability to handle when a user has tapped on a notification, when the use case and don't make sense to add as they don't fit with the plugin's architecture or goals. It is possible to use launcher icon/mipmap and this by default is� 85. Dart Isolates? To achieve concurrency, Dart uses isolates, it is works independent don’t share memory but use message communication or passing. Every Dart program uses at least one isolate, which is the main isolate. Dart 2 the Dart web platform no longer supports isolates. Snapshots. Snapshots are a core part of the Dart VM.

Stack(children: <Widget>[
                  new IconButton(icon: Icon(Icons.notifications), onPressed: () {
                  new Positioned(
                    right: 11,
                    top: 11,
                    child: new Container(
                      padding: EdgeInsets.all(2),
                      decoration: new BoxDecoration(
                        borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(6),
                      constraints: BoxConstraints(
                        minWidth: 15,
                        minHeight: 15,
                      child: Text(
                        style: TextStyle(
                          color: Colors.white,
                          fontSize: 10,

This shows the notification count with notification icon

update the Notifications Count

setState(() {
  notificationsCount = "5";

Icons class - material library - Dart API, Use with the Icon class to show specific icons. To use this class, make sure you set uses-material-design: true in your A row of icons representing a pink heart, a green musical note, and a const IconData: account_circle — material icon named "account circle". material icon named "airline seat legroom normal". What are the equivalent of activities and fragments in Flutter? In Android, an Activity represents a single focused thing the user can do. A Fragment represents a behavior or a portion of user interface. Fragments are a way to modularize your code, compose sophisticated user interfaces for larger screens, and help scale your application UI.

Introduction to widgets, The minimal Flutter app simply calls the runApp() function with a widget: content_copy. import 'package:flutter/material.dart'; void main() { runApp( Center( child:� How to override variables on Dart/flutter. 578 views December 2019 variables 5 . HS. hesham shawky December 2019

Flutter for Android developers, How do I set up push notifications? This document is meant for Android developers looking to apply their existing Android knowledge to build mobile apps with� import 'dart:async'; the problem seems to go away. Could someone explain why this is happening and if this is the correct way to fix this. Thanks a lot. ---- edit. Can I update dart core to something > 2.1 I am guess it is this line in my pubspec yaml . environment: sdk: ">=2.0.0-dev.68.0 <3.0.0"

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  • Woah, I was looking for a package like this just a while ago. I didn't see this one, maybe I was searching wrong! Thanks a lot!