Julia: how I "fix" a package at a particular version?

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How do I "fix" a package at particular version? in Julia?

So that we don't have to update a package if it breaks existing code.

After v1.0

My original answer to this question is now syntactically outdated. @RikH has provided an answer with the latest syntax. For additional info beyond that answer regarding the syntactical differences between working in the REPL package mode or the regular REPL, type using Pkg, and then ?Pkg.PackageSpec at the REPL to see examples of the ways in which package versions/commits etc can be referenced

Before v1.0

The process for doing this is described pretty clearly in the official docs. However, I suspect this question will be searched for frequently, so perhaps it doesn't hurt to double up.

Packages can be pinned to a specific version using Pkg.pin. The single input method will pin the package to the current version:

julia> Pkg.pin("DependentBootstrap")
INFO: Creating DependentBootstrap branch pinned.b32df31a.tmp

julia> Pkg.status()
13 required packages:
 - DependentBootstrap            0.1.0              pinned.b32df31a.tmp
 - ForecastEval                  0.1.0

where you'll note the package has been pinned to a specific git commit.

You can pin to a specific tagged version of a particular package using a second argument:

julia> Pkg.pin("DependentBootstrap", v"0.0.1")
INFO: Creating DependentBootstrap branch pinned.996d3c22.tmp
INFO: Downgrading ForecastEval: v0.1.0 => v0.0.1
INFO: Building SpecialFunctions
INFO: Building Rmath

julia> Pkg.status()
13 required packages:
 - DependentBootstrap            0.0.1              pinned.996d3c22.tmp
 - ForecastEval                  0.0.1

Notice that the pinning operation automatically downgraded ForecastEval in order to satisfy version requirements.

You can get the package back to the latest stable version using Pkg.free:

julia> Pkg.free("DependentBootstrap")
INFO: Freeing DependentBootstrap
INFO: Upgrading ForecastEval: v0.0.1 => v0.1.0
INFO: Building SpecialFunctions
INFO: Building Rmath

julia> Pkg.status()
13 required packages:
 - DependentBootstrap            0.1.0
 - ForecastEval                  0.1.0

Notice that ForecastEval has also automatically returned to the latest version.

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This question has been answered in How to pin a package to a certain version using Julia 0.7?. Since the focus on that question lies on Julia 0.7 it is hard to link the questions. The following can be used in Julia 1.0 (and 0.7 it seems).

Pkg.add(PackageSpec(name = "GDAL", version = "0.1.2"))
Pkg.pin(PackageSpec(name = "GDAL", version = "0.1.2"))

or in the REPL package mode

pkg> add GDAL@0.1.2
pkg> pin GDAL@0.1.2

Note that if you use PackageSpec, then only using Pkg.add will install the correct version (tested with Docker Image "julia:1.0.5-buster").

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For the last update of pkg package, the accepted answer no longer works. You must specify the version after the @ symbol. pin Example@0.1.0

(v1.1) pkg> pin CSV@0.4.2
 Resolving package versions...
 Installed CSV ─ v0.4.2
  Updating `C:\Users\S\.julia\environments\v1.1\Project.toml`
  [336ed68f] ↓ CSV v0.4.3 ⇒ v0.4.2 ⚲
  Updating `C:\Users\S\.julia\environments\v1.1\Manifest.toml`
  [336ed68f] ↓ CSV v0.4.3 ⇒ v0.4.2 ⚲

⚲ means that the version is sucsesfully pinned.

Updated link to the official manual

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  • Type ?Pkg.pin at the REPL
  • Actually, I decided to give a more formal answer since I suspect this question will be searched fairly frequently.
  • Pkg.pin("DependentBootstrap", v"0.0.1") returns "no method matching pin(::String, ::VersionNumber)" in Julia 1.0.5
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