Select a specific tab in Ionic 2

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I'm trying to use the Ionic 2 and I'm still struggling with most basic tasks, such as select a tab when the app is loading.

I've tried to inject the Tabs controller and call select on the onPageLoaded event, but to no avail.

Can someone help maybe?

To default to a tab in ionic 2 change the selectedIndex property:

<ion-tabs [selectedIndex]="1">
      <ion-tab [root]="tab1Root" tabTitle="Home" tabIcon="rewind"></ion-tab> <!-- Index 0-->
      <ion-tab [root]="tab2Root" tabTitle="About" tabIcon="md-time"></ion-tab><!-- Index 1 (Selected)-->
      <ion-tab [root]="tab3Root" tabTitle="Contacts" tabIcon="fastforward"></ion-tab><!-- Index 2-->

The About tab will be the selected tab when the page loads.

Tabs - Ionic API Documentation, There are different ways you can select a specific tab from the tabs component. You can use the selectedIndex property to set the index on the <ion-tabs> element, or you can call select() from the Tabs instance after creation. As tabs have a zero-based index, we are navigating to the first tab by passing 0 in;. And just like that, we have hidden the tab bar on a specific tab. Conclusion. As you saw hidden tab bar for specific tabs is really simple.

//importing tabs for manipuling our ion-tabs
import {Tabs} from 'ionic-angular';
    templateUrl: 'build/pages/page1/page1.html'
export class Page1 
    //provide Angular with metadata about things it should inject in the constructor
    static get parameters()
        return [[Tabs]];
    //after injecting ,passing an instance of [Tabs] in the page constructor 
    constructor(tab) { = tab;   
    //"onPageWillEnter" function fires every time a page becomes the active      view.
        //make the second tab selected From the first tab (within the current Page 'page1')
        // 1 IS the index of the target tab;

Navigate to Page in specific Tab - ionic-v3, adibbz July 7, 2017, 2:23pm #1. I need to navigate to a page but have it open in a specific tab. I know how to select the tab and am doing so with this: ionic2 documentation: Change tab with selectedIndex. Example. Instead of getting a reference to the DOM you can simply change the index of the tab using the selectedIndex attribute on the ion-tabs


var t: Tabs = this.nav.parent;;

Click <ion-tab> programmatically,; } }. The API page has the following section : Selecting a Tab: There are different ways you can select a specific tab from the tabs component. Ionic 2 provides various types of select boxes which can be used easily. It is very simple to create different types of select box in Ionic 2. Here in this tutorial we are going to explain how you can create select box with options, You can also use our online editor to run and see the output of the example.

In Ionic 3 and angular 4.

import { Tabs } from 'ionic-angular/navigation/nav-interfaces';
@ViewChild('myTabs') tabRef: Tabs; - With in the class about constructor., {}); // In the method where you want set tab.

Ionic - programmatically change active tab, This blog is about Angular, Ionic, Firebase and other topics i like to write about. the TabsNavigation (higher order/parent navigation stack), select the tab with� The tab property identifies each tab, and it has to be unique within the ion-tabs. It's important to always set the tab property on the ion-tab and ion-tab-button, even if one component is not used. Router integration. When used with Ionic's router (ion-router) the tab property of the ion-tab matches the component property of an ion-route.

Ionic 4 and Angular: Tabs, You can help us out by using the "report an issue" button at the bottom of the tutorial. Tabs! They're a stable way to manage multiple views in� Select ion-select. Improve this doc The ion-select component is similar to an HTML <select> element, however, Ionic's select component makes it easier for users to sort through and select the preferred option or options. When users tap the select component, a dialog will appear with all of the options in a large, easy to select list for users.

Ionic 4 has come with a number of changes. The biggest change, in my opinion, is how we utilize Tabs and Navigation. In ionic 3 we could add an attribute to certain tabs called tabsHideOnSubPages…

The tab component is a child component of tabs. Each tab can contain a top level navigation stack for an app or a single view. An app can have many tabs, all with their own independent navigation. See the tabs documentation for more details on configuring tabs.

  • You need to call select() in constructor of a page where the tabs control is defined. Unfortunately I don't have an example at hand on how to get reference to the control.
  • Can elaborate on this some more please?
  • Please take a look on this link
  • Welcome to SO. Please consider explaining your code as part of your answer.
  • Thaks @RichardErickson ,Is that enough explained ? :p
  • @soufienkarray any ideas how to deselect all tabs?
  • Any idea how to do this on the AppComponent page? It doesn't seem to have a reference to the tabs object