How do I make a <ul> or bullet in fabric.Text()?

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I am looking for an example application that takes user input and inserts it into a inside canvas with fabric.js. Is this possible? I haven't been able to find a lists in fabric.js example.

canvas.fillText does not accept HTML markup. A Canvas is a bitmap, it has nothing to do with HTML markup. You can control font style as described here.

There are libraries that convert XML markup into canvas.fillText calls, maybe you could adapt one.

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I realized a better way to solve this issue was to draw a circle at the same height as the text, at radius 2, to emulate a bullet point. for anybody interested its easy as:

var EDU1 = new fabric.IText("SOME TEXT GOES HERE", {fontSize: 20, fontStyle:                        
'italic',fontFamily: 'Hoefler Text', left: 149, top: 390});

var bullet = new fabric.Circle({
radius: 2, fill: 'black', left: 135, top: 400

then group them together and you have a bullet point.

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function ListStyle (textObject,type,canvas) {
  var styles=['\u25CF','\u25C8','\u25D8','\u25BA','\u25CB','\u25A0','-'];
  var allStyles={'bullet':'\u25CF','diamond':'\u25C8','invertedBullet':'\u25D8','triangularBullet':'\u25BA','disced':'\u25CB','squared':'\u25A0','dashed':'-','none':''};
  var text = textObject.text;
  var textArray = text.split('\n')
  var tempStr = [];
    textArray.forEach((text, i) => {
  textObject['text'] = tempStr.join('\n');

ListStyle (canvas.getObjects()[0],'diamond',canvas);

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