Laravel log file permission problems

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If there is an error when running php artisan command the log file will be created like this:

 -rw-rw-r-- 1 user www-data 2,2K Jul 28 18:08 laravel-2019-07-28.log

If there is an error when using app through web browser the log file will be created like this:

-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 2,2K Jul 28 16:10 laravel-2019-07-28.log

After www-data has created the original file and if there is an error with php artisan command, it will throw an error Permission denied because it can't write to the log

Is there a way to set default chmod for NEW created files, so that they always have rw for group Or you guys have some other solution for this

To reproduce this problem:

  1. delete all storage/logs/*.log files
  2. call some non existing php artisan command for example: php artisan make:xy -> this will make an error and create a .log file
  3. call route in browser /logout -> this will try to write in that same log file and will throw an error that it can't write into log 'Permission denied'

In my projects I solve this problem defining a custom logger that create a log file fo reach username.

  1. Create the custom logger on app/Logging/UserNamedLogger.php:

    namespace App\Logging;
    use Monolog\Handler\RotatingFileHandler;
    use Monolog\Handler\SyslogHandler;
    use Monolog\Logger;
    class UserNamedLogger
         * Create a custom Monolog instance.
         * @param  array  $config
         * @return \Monolog\Logger
        public function __invoke(array $config)
            $logger = new Logger('UserNamedLogger');
            // Configure Monolog to log on user named log files
            $filename = storage_path('logs/laravel-'.  posix_getpwuid(posix_geteuid())['name'] .'.log');
            $rotatingHandler = new RotatingFileHandler($filename);
            return $logger;
  2. Edit the config/logging.php config file:

Inside 'channels' key, add your custom logger:

    'named' => [
        'driver' => 'custom',
        'via' => App\Logging\UserNamedLogger::class,

And change the default logger to the named channel:

    'default' => env('LOG_CHANNEL', 'named'),

Now everytime that your artisan (or a scheduled job) runs, it will log on a different file that your www server do. This solves the permission issues.

Imo, this should be the default behavior for Laravel logging.

Laravel daily log created with wrong permissions, You could simply change the permission of the log file in your artisan command: $path = storage_path('log/daily. I have used chmod -R 777 storage command. Then If the date changed, larval created new log file's permission will not be 777, like this:-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6128 Jul 3 12:17 laravel-2015-07-03.log -rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 122 Aug 15 00:00 laravel-2015-08-15.log

Was struggling with this for a long time, and wondered the same thing as the OP, who asked:

Is there a way to set default chmod for NEW created files, so that they always have rw for group

The answer is YES.

In config/logging.php I added permission => 0666, which I found in the Laravel docs, so the config for my daily log now looks like this:

'daily' => [
   'driver' => 'daily',
   'path' => storage_path('logs/laravel.log'),
   'level' => 'debug',
   'days' => 14,
   'permission' => 0666,

Just to be clear, 0664 would already be enough to set group permission to rw, but that still resulted in permission errors.

0666 has resolved the permission conflicts for me. Hope this helps someone!

Laravel log file permission problems, In my projects I solve this problem defining a custom logger that create a log file fo reach username. Create the custom logger on� Forum Laravel Log permission problem. Reply Follow All Threads Log permission problem log files: 0 -rwxrwxrwx 1 root www-data 0 Feb 9 23:27 laravel-2016-02-07

Change owner of the /var/www folder:

sudo chown www-data:www-data /var/www ( If your project is under /var/www folder )

You may replace www-data with the respective user level if you need to do for a different users like root.

Laravel daily log created with wrong permissions, Laravel daily log created with wrong permissions. laravel logging laravel log not working laravel custom log file laravel.log permission denied centos laravel� Now, your Laravel application is secured with proper permissions. But as all the files have owner and group-owner to web server, you may face an issue during changes via FTP/sFTP. To solve this problem add your user to the web server user group: sudo usermod -a -G www-data ubuntu All done.

For those who don't want any additional code just go into laravel storage folder through command line/terminal and run these 3 commands:

set default group www-data

find logs -type d -exec chgrp www-data {} +

set all new files and subfolders created within the current directory inherit the group of the directory

find logs -type d -exec chmod g+s {} +

if user creates a file it will be with rw-rw-r permissions

sudo setfacl -R -d -m u::rw logs

Permission denied "/storage/logs/laravel.log could not be opened , Not sure what was going on - restarted httpd and that problem is solved. This is with Apache on Centos 7. I had previously done chmod 777 -R� This fixes this problem when php-fpm generates the file, but when you to vessel art make: or an artisan command generates the log file, it still gets permission problems, right? I think it still needs what you did on node regarding to UID. — You are receiving this because you modified the open/close state.

Logging - Laravel, bubble, Indicates if messages should bubble up to other channels after being handled, true. permission, The log file's permissions, 0644. locking, Attempt to lock� Monolog, which powers Laravel's logging services, offers all of the log levels defined in the RFC 5424 specification: emergency, alert, critical, error, warning, notice, info, and debug. So, imagine we log a message using the debug method:

Let’s fix this issue in the next step: Set Laravel 5 Files Folders Permission and Ownership: First step you need take is find the web server user and that is very simple, for apache it is set to www-data, but do make sure by using following command, go ahead and ssh to your server by using terminal and run below command:

File Visibility. In Laravel's Flysystem integration, "visibility" is an abstraction of file permissions across multiple platforms. Files may either be declared public or private. When a file is declared public, you are indicating that the file should generally be accessible to

  • Seems like you are running artisan and your webserver as different users
  • of course.... How do you run your artisan commands? as www-data user???
  • Have you tried sudo -u www-data php artisan?
  • No I haven't, that would maybe create a file as www-data user, but it seems kind of pita running sudo -u www-data php artisan don't you think so?
  • For me queues failed when executed on background, because background-worker couldn't Log into the log files due to permission issue, It worked after adding "permission" => 0755, in "config/logging.php" file, on Log Channels (daily-channel)
  • Very interesting solution, so every log file that is created is stored into separate file and there can't be collisions with user permissions?
  • Exactly @lewis4u. You can do some cool stuff with similar code. Consider accept this answer if you like it!
  • Also thanks for the editing. I wrote this on mobile, and unfortunately stackoverflow don't have a button for styling code on mobile.
  • Thank you, This worked on laravel 5.8 (I added 'permission' => 0775 )
  • I follow @ChardenDaxicen that's working on my CentOS
  • This won't work. The problem is that the log file is daily, and if the first log message of the day is from www-data, the artisan won't be able to log anything. Same applies if artisan is the first to write a log message.
  • This is working for me as this command is to change the Owner of that project folder including all the files within the folder. You may try it out. And please correct me if I am still wrong.
  • The file is created as the user that's running php. When you run php artisan as someusername, the log file will belong to someusername, not as www-data. (php cant create files with another username, unless if it's root)
  • @EliasSoares has right. This will work ONLY if you already have files inside logs and not for new created ones!