Is there any way to display Rails' log files in the browser?

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This might be (read: probably is) a dumb question, but here goes...

Is there a simple, preferably non third-party, way to display Rails logs in the browser? It gets kind of old opening a log file, then closing it and re-opening it on the next error. It would be superfantastic to just to go domain.tld/logs, which would require user authentication, of course.

All you need is to open log file and put its content into browser.

Realted topic: ruby: all ways to read from file.

Also you should know that your logs grow very fast, and it's not a good idea to show whole log in browser. You can just open last 100-200 rows. Related topic: Reading the last n lines of a file in Ruby?

Also you can try this solution: It is more complex and little oftopic, but quite useful.

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For reference, there is a very simple way to do this. However, you would want to protect this page with some sort of authentication/authorization.


lines = params[:lines]
if Rails.env == "production"
  @logs = `tail -n #{lines} log/production.log`
  @logs = `tail -n #{lines} log/development.log`

Log File View:

<pre><%= @logs %></pre>

View to display link:

<%= link_to "log file", log_path(lines: 100) %>


get 'logs/:lines' => "pages#log", as: "log"

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I created a for this purpose called browserlog.

Installing is just a matter of adding the gem to the Gemfile:

gem 'browserlog'

Afterwards all you need is to mount the engine on the route you want:

MyApp::Application.routes.draw do
  mount Browserlog::Engine => '/logs'

Once that's set up, accessing /logs/development (or production, test, etc) will show a window like this:


Ruby on Rails - Views, Ruby on Rails - Views - A Rails View is an ERb program that shares data with a corresponding erb file, with the same name as the method, to display the data The next chapter explains how to use Layouts to put your data in a better way. Is there a way to display Rails log files in the browser&quest; This might be (read: probably is) a dumb question, but here goes Is there a simple, preferably non third-party, way to display Rails logs in the browser?

Pimp my Log can be used to visualization many types of logs including Ruby on Rails.

It also includes the management of users and notification.


By default, the PimpMyLog does not support Ruby on Rails logs. It's necessary to implement the regex to works with it.


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  • It's so simple when someone else gives you the solution :) Thank you, sir!
  • "All you need is to open log file and put its content into browser." Sorry. Didn't get what you meant?
  • Wouldn't it be a bit more robust to do log/#{Rails.env}.log instead of if-else?
  • @alexanderbird absolutely, today, I would