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How do I efficiently create a matrix of shape (2**N, N) with all binary vectors of length N as its rows? I call a vector binary iff each of its components equals either 0 or 1. I want the matrix to have dtype=torch.float.

For modest values of N, this may work alright:

import numpy as np

def bin_array(N, dtype):
    return (np.arange(1<<N, dtype=dtype)[:, None] >> np.arange(N, dtype=dtype)[::-1]) & 0b1

For maximum efficiency though, I'd suggest to generate the individual bits packed in uint8 values and design the arithmetic to operate on that. This will depend on what exactly you want to do with the array.

Creating all possible binary sequences for specific length under , My constraints are for example: At least x values of the sequence have to be 1; No more than 5 repeating 0s are� Multiplication of vectors and matrices must follow strict rules. Actually, so must addition. In the example above, the vectors are both column vectors with three entries. You cannot add a row vector to a column vector. Multiplication, though, can be a bit trickier.

Seb's answer but modified for pytorch:

def gen_all_binary_vectors(length: int) -> torch.Tensor:
    return ((torch.arange(2**length).unsqueeze(1) >> torch.arange(length-1, -1, -1)) & 1).float()

How to create all range of given vector (possible permutations , How to create all possible values of vector. For example, I have binary vector of length 2, then are possible four vectors. [0 0; 1 1; 1 0; 0 1];. Our framework then utilizes an asymmetric locality sensitive hashing (ALSH) in order to convert the generated fixed-length but real valued GMM-SVM feature vector to a binary bit string. This binarization step transforms the matching process to calculating Hamming distance between binary vectors and expedites fingerprint matching.

you can do this

import random
import torch
res = [ [ random.randint(0, 1) for i in range(2**N) ] for j in range(N) ]
pt_tensor_from_list = torch.FloatTensor(res)

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4.10 Variable-Length Arrays in Binary Tables, and `len' is an integer specifying the maximum length of the vector in the table. If the value of `len' is not specified when the table is created (e.g., if the TFORM All the data in a variable length field is written into an area called the `heap'� Which means that the vector “vectorOfStrings” contains three elements. Using size: the MATLAB command size will give you the number of rows and columns. However, the reason why I use the numel MATLAB command for vectors is that size will output a vector of two elements.

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