Export HP Fortify SCA 4.10 results in EXCEL format

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I scanned with HP Fortify SCA 4.10 . Now I would like to export the raw results into Excel format to do data massaging to generate pivot tables. Can anybody suggest a easy or hard way to do it.

Reference this url for the DB script to get the EXCEL format (export DB output to Excel): How to diff Fortify SCA scans

Generate a pdf/rtf/xml Report from an existing FPR
  1. ~AWB_Installation_Dir/bin/ReportGenerator -format pdf -f outputFile.pdf -source existing.fpr (replace pdf to your target format, excluding excel format)
Generate a XML Report in AWB
  1. Open Audit Workbench and load your FPR file.
  2. Generate a Report (click the "Reports" button, "Generate Report" window popped up).

    a. Select Report = "Fortify Developer Workbook" (drop down menu)

    b. In "Refine Issues in Subsection" field, paste category:!"" (or click Advanced..", and select Category, is not, )

    c. Click "Save Report"

    d. Set the Format to "XML Report" and set the destination location.

    e. Click "Save" to generate the report.

Configure Excel 2013

First you need to make sure the developer tab is enabled.

a. In Excel, click on File->Options->Customize Ribbon

b. Make sure "Developer" is checked on the right side under "Customize the Ribbon: Main Tabs"

c. Click OK.

Import the XML Schema

Now click on the Developer tab.

a. In the XML section, click on the Source button. An "XML Source" panel will appear on the right side.

b. Click on the "XML Maps" button.

c. Click on the Add button.

d. Navigate to "<HP Fortify SCA install dir>\Core\config\schemas" and select "ReportDefinition.xsd".

e. In the list that appears, select "ReportDefinition", then click OK.

f. Click OK.
Configure the Worksheet Columns

In the "XML Source" panel select the columns that you would like in the table. For example:

a) under Issue, select Category and drag-n-drop it to cell A1.

b) select Friority and drag-n-drop it to B1

c) select FileName under Source and drag-n-drop it to C1

d) under Tag, select Name and drag-n-drop it to D1

e) select Value and drag it to E1

You can select whatever columns you like.

Select the Data Source and Generate the Table Data
  1. Right click on the highlighted area (cells A1 --> E2) and select XML --> Import.

  2. Locate the XML Report that you generated in Audit Workbench.

Now you have yourself an excel worksheet for FPR results.

Export HP Fortify SCA 4.10 results in EXCEL format -, I'm scanning with HP Constant SCA 4.10. Now I want to export raw results to Excel to produce pivot tables in Excel format. Anyone can� Certain versions of content ("Material") accessible here may contain branding from Hewlett-Packard Company (now HP Inc.) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. As of September 1, 2017, the Material is now offered by Micro Focus, a separately owned and operated company.

Sorry for the late response, but I just discovered this stack. Here is the START of a way for you to do this.

In FortifyInstallRoot\Core\resources\sca there is an xsl. If you extract the audit.fvdl file from your FPR (FPRs are just zip files) and add this as the 2nd line: <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="fvdl2html.xsl"?> Then, rename the audit.fvdl to audit.fvdl.xml, you can open it in a browser and it will be formatted. You could take the stylesheet (the .xsl) and modify it to your purposes.

[PDF] HP Fortify Audit Workbench, Enabling HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer Suite Updates from Audit Workbench . Viewing Scan Results in the Summary Graph. 4.10-01. • Changed Chapter 1 title from “Getting Started with HP Fortify Audit Columnar format - Attributes are inserted in a single column and the Excel table To export a project template: 1. Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in Micro Focus Fortify Software Security Center Server, versions 17.2, 18.1, 18.2, has been identified in Micro Focus Software Security Center. The vulnerability could be exploited to execute JavaScript code in user&#8217;s browser.

You can also copy and paste selected results from Audit Workbench to Excel. Copy command: Ctrl-Shift-Alt-C Paste using text import and split on comma instead of space.

[PDF] HP Fortify Software Security Center, Viewing WebInspect Scan Results in Software Security Center . 4.10.01. 02/28/ 2014. Changed the Validate button to the Check button in the procedure described You can also export events resulting from a search as an event log in the same format that you would get from Project Performance (available only in Excel. its wen Mated te he coun- indexes for export prices fell iz in 1950 at £35 million) and i ‘the Pires to movemeD:s these countries, those in the Pakistan (£26. million larger at price of their chief raw materia] products. Thus a 50 per cent. fall in the price of wool between the first and the second half of the year

How to export scan details to Excel ?, Hi All All the scan details are available in the M anage Scans tab in the Showing results for Is it possible to export all these information to an excel ? if you attach directly to the scan's SDF file (if using SQL Express) or connect to its SQL Forums – https://community.softwaregrp.com/t5/Fortify/ct-p/fortify. Title: Read in WIN format data Description : Reads in WIN pickfile and waveform file, prepares data for RSEIS Diff between WINRPACK versions 1.0-9 dated 2009-09-28 and 1.1-0 dated 2009-11-29

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