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I'm trying to create a program that will alarm every 2 hours and a message box will be display

You could use a Timer control to do this but you will not be able to directly set the Interval to 7200000. You could set your Interval to 60000 (and set Enabled property to True) and have a variable that counts the minutes that have gone by:

Dim iMinutesElapsed As Integer

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
    iMinutesElapsed = iMinutesElapsed + 1
    If iMinutesElapsed = 120 Then
        iMinutesElapsed = 0
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub DoAlarm()
    MsgBox "2 hours have gone by."
End Sub

A better approach is to store a variable with the value of the Timer function and check how long it's been since you called Start. In this approach, set Timer1's Interval to 1000 and Enabled to False, the Start method will enable Timer1 for you:

Dim sngStart As Single

Public Sub Start()
    sngStart = Timer
    Timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
    Dim sngElapsedTime As Single

    sngElapsedTime = Timer - sngStart
    If sngElapsedTime < 0 Then
        ' Clock passed midnight
        sngElapsedTime = (86400 - sngStart) + Timer
    End If

    If sngElapsedTime > 7200 Then ' counting seconds with this code
        sngStart = Timer ' Restart
    End If

End Sub

Finally, a solution that will be triggered every odd hour on minute 30 as described in the comments:

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
    If Hour(Now) Mod 2 = 1 And Minute(Now) = 30 Then
    End If
End Sub

notifications, You could use a Timer control to do this but you will not be able to directly set the Interval to 7200000. You could set your Interval to 60000 (and� Create hourly recurrence reminder with snoozing the reminder again in 1 hour. For creating hourly recurrence reminder in Outlook, you can create a calendar item, and snooze the reminder again in 1 hour when the Reminder dialog box pops up. 1. Create an appointment, a meeting or an all-day event in your Outlook calendar. 2.

Another option would be to set a module-level variable to the current time + two hours (Now + (2.0 / 24.0)), then have the Timer interrupt check to see if the current time is greater than this stored value.

How to Create a Repeating Alarm in Windows 7 Without Extra , The Create Task dialog box displays. hour,” but if you want to be alerted every two hours, enter “2 hours” (without the quotes) in the edit box. Here provides a VBA script template for you to create a message box timer. Supposing you are running VBA script to convert all cell references of specified formula cells to absolute. After converting successfully, you need a message box pop up to tell you the success of the conversion, and this message box should be closed automatically after 4

You could also use the Task Scheduler to run a VBScript that displays your message box. You simply have to create a Task with a Trigger that repeats every 2 hours, indefinitely.

The VBScript can display the time:

MsgBox "It's now " & FormatDateTime(Now, vbShortTime)

Set timer for 2 hours, Set alarm for 2 hours ⏰ and wake up in time. If you set and start the timer, it's settings (message, sound) for given time interval are automatically saved. If you don't have any saved timer, we will show you some examples. 2 minutes Pause 5 minutes Make a call 10 minutes Respond to an email 20 minutes Shopping 30� Using task scheduler, you can display timely messages using pop-up windows. These popup messages are useful for quick alerts and information. Follow the below steps to know how to display popup message in Windows 10. In Windows 7, task scheduler has a neat feature called "Display a Message".

2 Hour Timer - Online Timer - Countdown, Set timer for 2 Hours. Wake me up in 2 Hours. Set alarm for 2 Hours from now. Free and easy to use countdown timer. 1. reaching the specified time that user defines in the timer! 2. reaching a value that is above the maximum line. some other values exist that might take effect. these other values prompt user by a message box, here is the problem! this messagebox stops the countdown timer till the user press any button of that! in addition it'd be better to

How to create hourly recurrence (every hour) reminder in Outlook?, Create hourly recurrence reminder with defining hourly task in Windows BCC Warning - show message when you try to reply all if your mail address is in the BCC list; 2. When the Reminder dialog box popping up, select 1 hour in the Click� Is it possible to display a MsgBox for 5 seconds and then make it disappear without clicking the OK button? I looked at help under MsgBox but did not see such an option. Is there some other way to achieve the same result? --Carlos

[Solved] How to display a message box in every 1 minute in c# , Sleep(60 * 1000); MessageBox. Start(); } } void Show_Message() { MessageBox. 2) The second method is good, but the while loop should be in " Show_Message" method and also, Make the thread to wait for 1 minute using " Thread. Use Timer control, and display Message Box in its Tick event. A message box is a special dialog box used to display a piece of information to the user. As opposed to a regular form, the user cannot type anything on the message box. There are usually two kinds of message boxes you will create: one that simply displays information and one that expects the user to make a decision.

  • What if i set time for example 7:30 , 9:30 ,11:30
  • That's simple too, you can just check if Hour(Now) Mod 2 = 1 And Minute(Now) = 30, using Interval of 60000 on your Timer
  • what i mean is I set 7:30AM , 9:30AM ,11:30AM,1:30PM, 3:30PM ,5:30PM,7:30PM, 9:30PM ,11:30PM,1:30AM, 3:30AM ,5:30AM then in every 2hrs it will display a message box
  • The code in my last comment will do exactly that. It checks if the hour is an odd number and minutes are 30. You can run this in the Timer1_Timer event.
  • Thank you bro, The first code is working , I'm working on the last comment now