How to make CardView noticeable over images?

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I am uploading two screenshots for the comparison.

CardView noticeable

CardView unnoticealbe (when scroll down)

You need to add top margin of your RecyclerView view, so when you scroll the RecyclerView items your Top card views will be noticeable as your first screen. somthing like


Create a Card-Based Layout, CardView uses real elevation and dynamic shadows on Android 5.0 (API level 21 ) and above and falls back to a programmatic shadow� The layout exists of an image, some fake data, and an info button. The card will have rounded corners and a drop shadow. Create a new Swift file and name it CardView.swift .

Your question is a bit unclear to me. Anyways after looking at those two images you can..

Try giving margin_top to your grid recycler view.


And you need to give cardElevation property to your cardView.


Android CardView elevation and StaggeredGridLayout item space , have been using Cardview for SERP items, and we have to introduce Free Delivery in our product, the designer came with an above picture� final ImageView carImageView = (ImageView)carItemView.findViewById(; // When click the image. carImageView.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { // Get car title text.

You can use card_view:cardCornerRadius="" for the rounded corners and card_view:cardElevation="" for the shadow effect in your XML layout.

Below code you can check


Hope this will help you.

Android CardView 101: Everything you should know, If you have been doing layouts for a while now, you must be familiar with the The CardView in the image above with all of its customizability� Write a XML layout file to depict information visually on the card view/recycler view. Write a custom adapter to inflate the recyclerview. Modify the acitivity_main.xml to include recyclerview And finally harness these changes from; populate data

Android: Recycler view using Card view | by Abdul Kadir, not very efficient since not all items are visible at once on your screen. Recycler View is an improvement over the existing List View and build.gradle file (app level) as both Recycler View and Card View are Each item in the Recycler View consists of an Image and the name of the TV show next to it. Material design guidelines mention that cards can be constructed using blocks of content which include: These blocks can be organized to promote different types of content. Let’s consider some…

How to set an imageview in the corner of card view (Android forum , In evrey items in the grid, i want to make an imageview in he corner of the cardview . The following code is android:visibility= "visible" But, the imageview is still inside the cardview, not in the corner as the image above. 1) Call setPreventCornerOverlap(false) on your CardView. 2) Put rounded Imageview inside CardView. About rounding your imageview, I had the same problem so I made a library that you can set different radii on each corners. There is one good library(vinc3m1’s RoundedImageView) that supports rounded corners on ImageView, but it only supports the same radii on every corners.

Displaying large amounts of data with GridView and CardView , As the name suggests, CardView gives you an easy way of displaying data in Google The elevation is the card's position on the 'Z' axis, and the Android system To populate a GridView with data (whether that's images, text, or a Reusing views that are no longer visible to the user, improves the app's� Instead when an image covering the full CardView is displayed on these devices, a padding is added to the image to prevent the overlapping corners. To make the edges overlap this property can be used. In this case you may need to use an image with round corners.

  • Yes. But it is unnoticeable when scrolling down to images.
  • In my case problem solved by - 1. Add marginTop or padding top of your RecyclerView. 2. add cardElevation to your top "search product" cardView as you do with your RecyclerView item. 3. Adding following code in your "search product" cardView app:contentPadding="2dp" app:cardUseCompatPadding="true"
  • Yes. But it is unnoticeable when scrolling down to images