Cannot install pyqt5-tools - 'Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pyqt5-tools'

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I try to install pyqt5-tools like this:

pip install pyqt5-tools

and the resulting out put is:

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pyqt5-tools (from versions: none)

ERROR: No matching distribution found for pyqt5-tools

I need to download pyqt5-tools because I am trying to learn how to make GUIs with PyQt (I am a beginner programmer).

I have tried downloading different packages but anything related to PyQt has failed... It happens on both my Mac and Ubuntu machine.

I have checked that the packages are available on PyPI and literally copy-pasted the install command from the website into the terminal to make sure that I did not do it wrong.

Assuming you are installing that for qtdesigner. You can install it by package manager. I've installed it on my Debian machine

sudo apt install pyqt5-dev-tools pyqt5-dev

And you can find QtDesigner in


pyqt5-tools � PyPI, You will generally install pyqt5-tools using pip install. code. pyqt5 must already be installed or this script will be unable to find the original pyuic5.exe to copy. I tried `pip install pyqt5-tools' It did not work. error message - Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pyqt5-tools (from versions:) No matching distribution found for pyqt5-tools You are using pip version 8.1.1, however version 19.1.1 is available.

pyqt5-tools is only available for Windows as seen on their site:

Try an alternative such as QT-creator for Mac:

This post strongly supports using Homebrew: Python PyQt on macOS Sierra

Python 3.7.0 � Issue #13 � altendky/pyqt5-tools � GitHub, I recently tried to install pyqt-tools on Windows with Python 3.7.0, and it said that no versions could be found. Could not find a version that satisfies the� pyqt5-tools Installation. You will generally install pyqt5-tools using pip install. In most cases you should be using virtualenv or Usage. For each tool a script is created such that you get files like Scripts\designer.exe to launch the programs. Special Thanks. Thanks to MacStadium for providing

You can download pyside2 it includes almost everything in pyqt5-tools; pyqt5, pyuic5 and the qdesigner

pip install PySide2

Cannot install pyqt5-tools via pip � Issue #36 � altendky/pyqt5-tools , I cannot install the pyqt5-tools via pip. I first tried normally, and then after reading your suggestion for the other person, I setup virtualenv, and� To install PyQt on Windows there are a few steps you need to take. First use the installer from the qt-project website, from qt to install PyQt. Next you want to install a Python version 3.3 or newer. Check the box to add all of the PyQt5 extras.

Installing PyQt5 Designer, After searching various forums, I tried installing DESIGNER using "pip3 install PyQt5-tools" in the Windows command window and got "Could not� If the system has Qt5 installed, it seems to have all the libraries required for it installed too and even if you don't have pyqt5 installed on the base system, the qtchooser way of launching qtdesigner from above will work. Therefore, a key component here is qtchooser.

Install PyQt5 and PyQt5 Designer using pip install in Python, In this tutorial I will show you how to install PyQt5 package and PyQt5 for linux you'll need Duration: 4:33 Posted: Feb 4, 2019 Installation. yourenv\Scripts\ pip.exe install -- pre pyqt5 - tools~ =5.11. You will generally install pyqt5-tools using pip install. In most cases you should be using virtualenv or venv to create isolated environments to install your dependencies in. The above command assumes an env in the directory yourenv.

Absolute beginner, setup a Python 3.6 venv pip install pyqt5 pip install pyqt5-tools (or possibly) pip install pyqt5designer. Pip is happy to install pyqt5 but doesn't� QtDesigner comes with the pip package pyqt5-tools so if you installed it in the previous tutorials you're good to go. Otherwise run the following command in your command prompt. pip install pyqt5-tools and if that doesn't work you can try:

  • Me personally I'm using the qttools5-dev-tools package (available in Debian repos). It installs Qt 5 Designer, Qt 5 Assistant and Qt 5 Linguist and additionally creates shortcuts for launching.
  • Ah. Thank you! Do you know how to convert .ui to .py with QT Creator?
  • No, but someone does: