Java code on Android Studio has errors saying "Cannot resolve symbol 'Button'" and the same thing for a TextView

Here is my strings.xml code for the button and text view.

<string name="calculate">Hitung</string>
<string name="result">Hasil</string>

Here is the Java part

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

private Button btnCalculate;
private TextView tvResult;

Please let me know the mistake.

Did you import the views in the code? If not,in code part use in the top of the file:

import android.widget.Button;
import android.widget.TextView;

How to Solve Android's 13 Most Common Error Messages, This error is caused when Android Studio can't generate your file When you compile your app, the APK contains executable bytecode files in the by telling Gradle not to include these strings in your compiled APK. Unfortunately your question is currently off-topic. We only review code that works as intended. Since you've said "I am facing an unexpected error" we can see the code is not working correctly. Once you edit your post to fix the issues we'll be happy to review your code. \$\endgroup\$ – Peilonrayz 2 mins ago

If I'm not wrong, you need to give the button an id as well, like

And in your activity you need to link it button button = FindViewById(

Check this as well,

Known issues with Android Studio and Android Gradle Plugin, Find out about current known issues with Android Studio and the Android Gradle Plugin. "peer not authenticated" errors from Gradle sync or SDK Manager. The root Adding Java breakpoints while debugging native code. import; Don't forget as well that Android Studio has an autoimport feature that recognizes classes if they're already in the android namespace. This dialog appears if you wait enough over the same line of code that throws the exception (the time differs of your device performance):

I think you didn't just import the libraries for Button and TextView Class in your .java file. Simply just move your type blinking cursor on word Button and hit alt + enter then from the dropdown menu select import. Do same thing for TextView. Hope your problem solve.

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Java Software Errors: How to Avoid 50 Code Issues in Java, Compiler error messages are created when the Java software code is run through the compiler. It is important This is easy to correct by closing the string literal with the needed quote mark. Some developers say it's caused by bad code. onHandleIntent( at Because different debugger tools are required to debug Java/Kotlin code and C/C++ code, the Android Studio debugger allows you to select which debugger type to use. By default, Android Studio decides which debugger to use based on which languages it detects in your project (with the Auto debugger type).

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  • Do I have to do it to the other views as well?
  • in every code file you are using the views, you have to import the views similar to this. If it helps, you can use import android.widget.*; . Like this , you are importing all of them.
  • I have given an id for the button as btn_calculate. Should I change it to btnCalculate (just like in the code)? And I also have written the FindViewById thing under "protected void onCreate".
  • Hi, no, if you already added them it is fine as it. As the other guys told you, maybe you are missing the import of the libraries or the views.
  • There is no "import library", but there is "import class". I'm not sure that it's a class, but should I click it?
  • @petrusbagaskara sure
  • @petrusbagaskara Glad to help <3