Mac OS Catalina : Can't execute ruby from PHP

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I've updated my Mac to Catalina version. Since this new release of Mac OS, i'm not able to execute ruby from PHP anymore.

I can't find anything of internet.

This is how I call ruby from PHP

$cmd = "ruby duplicate_ios.rb '$xcode_version' '$xcodeproj_path' '$bundle_id' '$display_name' '$target_source' '$target_destination' '$iosTeamID'";
$outputDuplicateTarget = system($cmd);

When I execute from terminal, it works. But not when it's from PHP. And before Catalina release, it worked.

EDIT in ruby script

require "xcodeproj"

=> seem to be the origin of the crash (only from php script)

Apple has removed Ruby and other scripting languages from their OS, see deprecations

You probably will want to use a ruby version manager such as RVM. For install instructions see

How to upgrade to macOS Catalina, Now you can take everything you do above and beyond. Check compatibility. If you're using one of these computers with OS X Mavericks or� macOS Catalina (version 10.15) is the sixteenth and, as of June 2020 [update], current major release of macOS, Apple Inc. 's desktop operating system for Macintosh computers. It is the successor to macOS Mojave and precedes macOS Big Sur, which is planned to be released in the second half of 2020.

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PHP was run in MAMP, which using a special ruby version.

Use "php -S 192.168.xx.xx:8888" instead of MAMP fixed the problem !

macOS 10.15 Catalina: Everything you need to know, It will be… eventually. We are upgrading non-essential machines right away so we can become more familiar with the ins and outs of Catalina but� The best way to solve this problem is to restart your Mac in safe mode and try downloading the file again. MacOS Catalina installation problem. After the download failure is solved, the next thing to do is to install the MacOS Catalina. The common failures are as follows. Unable to verify MacOS on your computer

macOS Catalina, Apple's latest Mac update, macOS Catalina, was released earlier this week, and with it came a flurry of complications both minor and major. Catalina is the 15th release of what Apple used to call OS X, and like earlier versions, it builds on a solid and secure Unix-based foundation. Catalina runs smoothly and reliably and adds several appealing new features. Highlights include the Sidecar feature that lets you use any recent iPad as a second screen.

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Why macOS Catalina is breaking so many apps, and what to do , You'll need to find replacements for your 32-bit games or apps, because Catalina won't run 32-bit software at all. You can still use� When it comes of installing macOS Catalina, there are several ways you can do it. e.g. you can create a bootable USB installer then install macOS Catalina on a mac nativity, or you can use virtual machine like VirtualBox to install macOS Catalina parallel to your existing macOS.

  • But not when it's from PHP. <- define where PHP is?
  • PHP is executed from MAMP Apache2. PHP is in /usr/bin/php folder
  • If you try with full path in your php script "/usr/bin/ruby /my/path/duplicate_ios.rb" it works?
  • Thanks, but do not works.
  • I've installed ruby : it works from the terminal, but not from the php script