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I have to render some html code based on conditions like:

if (status == 'pending') {
  // render <span class='pending'>pending</span>
} else {
  // render <span class='complete'>complete</span>

I would like a better way to to this. Is ok to use computed properties to render html ?

You may looking for v-if


How to conditionally render plain HTML elements like <div>s , The right JSF component to represent a HTML <div> element is the <h: panelGroup> with the layout attribute set to block . So, this should do: To render HTML conditionally, add the if:true|false directive to a nested < template > tag that encloses the conditional content. Tip Directives are special HTML attributes. The Lightning Web Components programming model has a few custom directives that let you manipulate the DOM using markup.

You can use v-if directive:

<span class='pending' v-if="status === 'pending'">
<span class='complete' v-else>

See more details:

React Conditional Rendering, Everything you need to know about conditional rendering in React. a List component in React shouldn't render the list HTML elements in a� Introduction. In this post, I will show several ways to use conditionals while rendering HTML or components in JSX. Consider we have a component and based on a boolean flag we want to show or hide

If you have a bunch of different statuses, then you can have something like this in the template:

<span v-if="status" :class="status">{{ status }}</span>

The span will be displayed when status is truthy and the class and inner text will be set to the status value.

How To Build HTML for Conditional Statements – Welcome to the , This article will cover the use of conditional statements inside html blocks to control dynamic content in your emails. Want to use Conditional rendering of non-JSF components (plain vanilla HTML and template text) Ajax update/render does not work on a component which has rendered attribute Why do I need to nest a component with rendered="#{some}" in another component when I want to ajax-update it?

8 conditional rendering methods in React, This tutorial covers the most popular conditional rendering methods: If/else; Prevent Babel + JSX; HTML; CSS; Result; Resources. class App� In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to render HTML elements conditionally into the dom by using *ngIf directive. Conditional rendering. It means we only render the elements into the dom whenever the provided data becomes true. Angular has a special directive called *ngIf which helps us to render the elements conditionally

7 Ways to Implement Conditional Rendering in React Applications , In React-speak, it is a way to render different elements or components based on a condition. This concept is applied often in the following� The lit-element documentation describes conditional rendering via (condition ? a : b). I was wondering how to use that to render one of multiple pages, f.e. in combination with mwc-tab-bar from Googles material web components.

Showing and hiding conditional HTML without Javascript, We had to build something very similar the other day and stumbled on a neat way to make the conditional part show and hide with CSS only. Conditionally render sections in ASP.NET MVC: bool IsSectionDefined(string name): IsSectionDefined method can be used to check whether the section is defined in the view or not. In the below example, in the Layout, IsSectionDefined is used to check if the “CustomSection” section is defined in the view.

  • You shouldn't be rendering plain HTML anyway, just put it in the template and use things like v-if to control the visibility.
  • even if I have 6 ifs ?