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I'm currently running into a few problems surrounding passing an objects return value through a function. My function is prototyped in .h and defined in .cpp. the function for example Class::function(int value); takes in an integer of value. When I'm calling the object objectName name; and passing it through as Class::function(name);.

// foo.h
class foo
     void function(int value);

void foo::function(int value)
     // CODE HERE

int main()
     objectName name;

The errors that I am receiving go along the lines of:

Main.cpp:43:23: error: no matching function for call to ‘class::function(objectName&)’ name.function(name); // passes value to the function

The call foo::function(name); is triple wrong.

  1. It's a call to a static function, but function is not static, so you need a instance of foo to call the function:
foo myFoo;
  1. function is private, so it can not be used, outside of foo. All class members are by default private, so you need to declare it as public:
class foo {
    void function(int);
  1. function takes an int as parameter, but you pass some object of type objectName. That's more a design issue, what parameter should function take? int or objectName? Maybe you want
class foo {
    void function(objectName &);

// cpp
void foo::function(objectName &value) {

Object as an argument in C++ with example, In this tutorial we will see how to pass an object to a function as an argument and how to return an object from a function. Pass object to a function An. What is the syntax for passing Scanner object as a parameter in a method using java? HTML DOM Parameter Object; In C we can pass parameters in two different ways

The declaration and definition of foo is correct. However, that is not how you create and use objects in C++.

int main() {
  foo foo_obj; // Create an object of type 'foo' named 'foo_obj'
  foo_obj.function(1); // call function named 'function' on the object 'foo_obj' 
                       // and pass integer (=1) as an argument

  return 0;

You should definitely pick up a good C++ book

Pass and return Object from a function in C++, There are four ways of passing objects to functions. Let's assume you have a class X and want to pass it to a function fun, thenPass by� To pass an object as an argument we write the object name as the argument while calling the function the same way we do it for other variables.

I see an allocated variable named name, and it has a type objectName.

I see no allocation of any other objects, especially of type foo.

You can't call a class method, like foo::function() without an object of type foo. (except static declarations, which you are not using and do not need)

Mainly, that error you see is because you only have a class method that takes an int parameter, and no function that takes a parameter of type objectName.

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  • class is a keyword. Also, you can’t declare that thing in a function. Can you show something actually compilable?
  • Ok, it’s a minimal reproducible example now. Good.