How to get 'IS NULL' where clause values if initial condition returns none in oracle

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I have a table with values as follows

![ID S_ID NAME 1 James 2 2455 Patrick 3 2566 Sam 4 25988 Rick]1

My requirement is to get the NAME based on S_ID and if the given S_ID is not in the table then get the NAME with no S_ID


The result would be Patrick


The result should be James

I have tried

select NAME from STUDENTS where S_ID=2455 or S_ID IS NULL

It gives be bot James and Patrick

I would really appreciate any help

Here's one option:

SQL> set ver off
SQL> with students (id, s_id, name) as
  2    (select 2, 2389, 'Patrick' from dual union all
  3     select 1, null, 'James'   from dual union all
  4     select 3, 2566, 'Sam'     from dual
  5    )
  6  select name from students where s_id = &&par_s_id
  7    and exists (select null from students where s_id = &&par_s_id)
  8  union all
  9  select name from students where s_id is null
 10    and not exists (select null from students where s_id = &&par_s_id);
Enter value for par_s_id: 2389

Patrick                               --> because S_ID = 2389 exists in a table

SQL> undefine par_s_id
SQL> /
Enter value for par_s_id: 123456

James                                 --> because S_ID = 123456 doesn't exist


As you already have the table, you'd use code from line #6 onward.

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As per my understanding if S_ID is found in the STUDENT table it should return the NAME of the student, if S_ID is not found the query should return a message as 'No #S_ID'.

Please let me know if I am making any mistake in understanding your question !

[Solution] Its a Tsql so we can use it as is in the sql or in any language. And note I have tested it in MSSQL but the approach remains the same.

declare @sidInput int set @sidInput = 2455 if exists (select NAME from STUDENTS where S_ID = @sidInput) begin select NAME from STUDENTS where S_ID = @sidInput end else begin declare @outputMsg varchar(20) set @outputMsg = 'No ' + convert( varchar(10), @sidInput) select top 1 @outputMsg as NAME from STUDENTS where S_ID not in ( @sidInput ) end

[Test Cases]

1) For Input @sidInput = 2455

Output - NAME as Patrick

2) For Input @sidInput = 2411

Output - NAME as James

3) For Input @sidInput = 2222 #S_ID value not found in STUDENT table

Output - NAME as No 2222

Let me know if it works for you.



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try this t-sql (and pardon me I was using maria db - so used it ) . basically it remains the same as for my above response its just that I have updated the else block. ( Note - If you are using MySQL can simply use this as it for testing )



declare sidValue int;
set sidValue = 2389;
if exists (select NAME from STUDENT where S_ID = sidValue ) 
    select NAME from STUDENT where S_ID = sidValue;
    select NAME from STUDENT where S_ID is NULL;
end if;`



refer to the attached image for the table inputs -

test outcomes

positive test - lookup for s_id = 2389

outcome -

negative test - lookup for s_id = 7777 this id doesn't even exist at all

outcome -

hope this helps you

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  • Thank you @Littlefoot
  • When s_id was not found, I need the name of the student who doesn't have the s-id. Even if there are more than 1 result, I need all of them.