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The calculations in my code are well-tested, but because there is so much GUI code, my overall code coverage is lower than I'd like. Are there any guidelines on unit-testing GUI code? Does it even make sense?

For example, there are graphs in my app. I haven't been able to figure out how to automate the testing of the graphs. It takes a human eye, AFAIK, to check if the graph is correct.

(I'm using Java Swing)

Designs like MVP and MVC typically try to abstract as much logic out of the actual GUI as possible. One very popular article about this is "The Humble Dialog Box" by Michael Feathers. Personally I've had mixed experiences with trying to move logic out of the UI - sometimes it's worked very well, and at other times it's been more trouble than it's worth. It's somewhat outside my area of expertise though.

Automated GUI Testing Tool, Easy-to-Use for All Experience Levels. Record & Replay Tests. Try It Free. When doing GUI unit testing with Qt Test, what you usually want to test is normal GUI usage. That means testing how your widgets react to mouse and keyboard events. Qt Test offers several functions to programmatically send keyboard or mouse events to QWidgets.

Of course, the answer is to use MVC and move as much logic out of the GUI as possible.

That being said, I heard from a coworker a long time ago that when SGI was porting OpenGL to new hardware, they had a bunch of unit tests that would draw a set of primatives to the screen then compute an MD5 sum of the frame buffer. This value could then be compared to known good hash values to quickly determine if the API is per pixel accurate.

How can I unit test a GUI?, the part that you work on as you work on it, switching between the code and the running application. GUI Testing Techniques / Methods. GUI testing can be done in three ways: Manual Based Testing. Under this approach, graphical screens are checked manually by testers in conformance with the requirements stated in the business requirements document. Record and Replay. GUI testing can be done using automation tools. This is done in 2 parts.

You can try UISpec4J is an Open Source functional and/or unit testing library for Swing-based Java applications...

GUI Testing Tutorial: User Interface (UI) TestCases with Examples, GUI TESTING is a software testing type that checks the Graphical User Interface of the Application Under Test. GUI testing involves checking  GUI Testing is a process of testing the application's graphical user interface to ensure proper functionality as per the specifications. It involves checking the application components like buttons, icons, checkboxes, color, menu, windows etc.

There is Selenium RC, which will automate testing a web based UI. It will record actions and replay them. You'll still need to walk through the interactions with your UI, so this will not help with coverage, but it can be used for automated builds.

5. Unit Testing GUI Applications, Chapter 5. Unit Testing GUI Applications Unit tests for ordinary software objects are easy to conceptualize. Objects have behaviors that are represented by  After all, manual GUI testing can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. And test automation is more challenging for GUIs: Because the user interface can change often, previously-working automated GUI tests may break, requiring significant effort to maintain them.

You can try to use Cucumber and Swinger for writing functional acceptance tests in plain english for Swing GUI applications. Swinger uses Netbeans' Jemmy library under the hood to drive the app.

Cucumber allows you to write tests like this:

 Scenario: Dialog manipulation
    Given the frame "SwingSet" is visible
    When I click the menu "File/About"
    Then I should see the dialog "About Swing!"
    When I click the button "OK"
    Then I should not see the dialog "About Swing!"

Take a look at this Swinger video demo to see it in action.

Unit Testing vs UI Testing, Unit Tests Don't Test The UI. Most application users spend all of their time interacting with your program through it's UI, it's user interface. Unit  I am also unable to squeeze out any cash for a purpose built test tool, so I need to use the tools I have at hand (StoryQ, RhinoMocks, and NUnit), which really should be more than enough to test the behavior of a simple GUI app. So as far as I can see, this leaves me with trying to strike a good balance between keeping the design really simple

Unit Testing or GUI Testing- When should you use what?, In order to achieve this, different test techniques such as automation testing, performance testing, unit testing are used. As GUIs are critical  To test an interface with common tests regardless of implementation, you can use an abstract test case, and then create concrete instances of the test case for each implementation of the interface.

Don't Develop GUI Tests, Teach Your App To Test Itself!, To GUI Test or To Unit Test. New code brings the opportunity to reduce the number of GUI tests by introducing more unit tests, which is always a  One thing you can do is spawn the mainloop in a separate thread and use your main thread to run the actual tests; watch the mainloop thread as it were. Make sure you check the state of the Tk window before doing your asserts. Multithreading any code is hard.

GUI Testing Wiki, The ISTQB test levels are component testing (also called unit testing), integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing. V-model of software development . While the Qt C++ API includes a complete unit testing framework,The PyQt QtTest module contains only the QTest class, with static methods to simulate keystrokes, mouse clicks, and mouse movement. Testing a GUI dialog requires only the keystroke methods to type strings into QLineEdit widgets, and mouse clicks to click the OK button.