How to use Webdriver manager in Robot Framework?

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In selenium I used webdriver manager through a command:

driver = webdriver.Chrome(Chromedrivermanager().install())

Is there a webdriver manager use for the robot framework? I would like the webdriver manager to download automatically when running the test script without additional interference.

The only thing that i found in internet is that Youn need to install webdrivermanager with command :

pip install webdrivermanager 

and you launch this command before your script:

webdrivermanager chrome 
robot --outputdir ./results/Robot-results ./TestSuits/*

NB: your browser (Chrome) has to be updated too : (Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable

robotframework/SeleniumLibrary: Web testing library for , Selenium Python How To Use WebDriver Manager. Automation Step by Robot Framework Duration: 7:09 Posted: Feb 25, 2019 Step 1) You will find the file in JDK folder. Copy and extract the same in some other folder or directory (say D: or E: ) Step 2) Extract src folder and Navigate to (path till src folder) /src/java/awt. Step 3) Copy the current location of awt folder and open command prompt.

There are two web driver managers as shown below,

  1. If you use this one, you need to do one additional step on the command line, you cannot proceed with the test code unless you execute the below command, as this is part of the webdrivermanager setup. webdrivermanager - webdrivermanager 0.7.4

command-line step -

webdrivermanager chrome:2.38 firefox opera:v.2.35
  1. webdriver-manager 2.3.0

You need to do the following to use webdriver-manager, did you notice something, there is nothing which needs to be done anything specific to webdriver-manager, BEAUTY of making use of robotframework. nice!!!


1. pip install webdriver-manager robotframework robotframework-seleniumlibrary
(prjenv) 09:37 PM##~::>pip list
Package                        Version
------------------------------ ----------
certifi                        2018.11.29
chardet                        3.0.4
colorama                       0.4.1
configparser                   4.0.2
crayons                        0.3.0
idna                           2.8
pip                            19.2.3
requests                       2.22.0
robotframework                 3.1.2
robotframework-seleniumlibrary 4.1.0
selenium                       3.141.0
setuptools                     40.8.0
urllib3                        1.25.6
webdriver-manager              2.2.0
wheel                          0.32.3
2. create a file sample.robot
Library         SeleniumLibrary

***Test Cases***
Sample Webdriver
        [Tags]  wd0
        [Documentation] Sample invocation using WD
        Open Browser       ff
        Close All Browsers
3. execute the file as follows
robot *.robot


(prjenv) 09:38 PM##~::>robot *.robot
Sample Webdriver :: Sample invocation using WD                        | PASS |
Sam                                                                   | PASS |
1 critical test, 1 passed, 0 failed
1 test total, 1 passed, 0 failed
Output:  /Users/apachemain/output.xml
Log:     /Users/apachemain/log.html
Report:  /Users/apachemain/report.html


Selenium Python How To Use WebDriver Manager, Robot framework logo. Pequeña introducción: Roboframework es marco de trabajo (framework) open source para pruebas de aceptación,  Take a look at this testing tutorial that shows you how you can use the open-source Robot Framework to Install the python package manager (pip). and easy to use. Selenium WebDriver gives

in the cmd terminal

pip install webdrivermanager webdrivermanager firefox chrome --linkpath /usr/yourdir

as for automatic updates you could make a batch file .bat (just cmd input) with the last command (it will update the version automatically) and set it to a windows scheduler

Tutorial Robotframework + Selenium + WebdriverManager, Robot Framework Foundation. Robot Overlord: Ismo Aro, Test Data. Robot Framework. SeleniumLibrary. Selenium. Browser Driver. Browser Eg. webdrivermanager --linkpath AUTO firefox. Installation of browser webdriver and how to use  The BDD sample below is written using Katalon Studio Scenario Outline: Verify Price of <plan> Plan Given <accountType> account is currently logged in When User navigates to Publ

My solution for using this with Robot Framework was with a python library that I called chromedriversync.

from selenium import webdriver
from import ChromeDriverManager

def get_chromedriver_path():
    driver_path = ChromeDriverManager().install()
    return  driver_path

Then, in my robotframework tests, I add


${chromedriver_path}=   chromedriversync.Get Chromedriver Path
Create Webdriver    chrome   executable_path=${chromedriver_path}
Go to

I just use the chromedrivermanager install method's returned path variable, to supply to the Open Browser Robot Framework keyword.

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Robot FrameWork: The Ultimate Guide to Running Your Tests , This article explains the usage of robot framework in python with a use case but alternatively, you can use the tool called Webdrivermanager. If you're using jython, you need to create a small java library to do that for you . public void setSystemProperty(String key, String value) { System.getProperties().setProperty(key,value); } And use it from your test. Prepare Selenium Driver Set System Property ${EXECDIR}/chromedriver.exe

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Robot Framework and Selenium2library, run Selenium tests with , Using WebDriverManager, we can automatically download the driver's binary files (.exe files) for Web Automation. This tutorial explains about  The above example is a slightly modified version of an example in a demo project that illustrates using Robot Framework and SeleniumLibrary. See the demo for more examples that you can also execute on your own machine. For more information about Robot Framework test data syntax in general see the Robot Framework User Guide.