Problems at displaying textareas in a .pdf

I have a form which contains a textarea with a width of 30 columns. This textarea and some other text should be displayed in a .pdf via FPDF. The textarea is displayed like this:

$text=str_replace(array("\r\n", "\n", "\r"),"",$text);

You see that I would like to ignore the linebreaks which happen due to the width of 30 cols. But whenever you press enter to create a linebreak, the linebreak should be displayed. Are there any differences in the coding of linebreaks to avoid this problem? Or do you know another way?

linebreaks are only created when pressing enter so you should just split via

$array = explode("\n",$string);

Then loop through the array like this;

foreach($array  as $key => $item) {

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Simply Use MultiCell



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Consider your textarea field is history. So you can do is:

$lengthofhistory = strlen($_SESSION['history']); 
$pdf- >SetFont('Helvetica','',10); $start = 0; $space = 0;
$char = substr( $_SESSION['history'], $i, 1 );
if($char == ' ') { $space = $space + 1; 
if($space == 18) { $substring =   substr($_SESSION['history'],$start,$i- $start); 
$pdf->Cell(0,5,$substring,0,1,'L'); $start = $i+1; $space = 0; } }
$substring = substr($_SESSION['history'],$start,$lengthofcomplaints-$start);

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I recommended use the function nl2br()

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