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I have a stripe checkout error in my symfony project. Here is my view that uses checkout by default :

<form action="" method="POST">
            src="https://checkout.stripe.com/checkout.js" class="stripe-button"
            data-name="Demo Site"

This issue of $_POST['stripeToken'] not being populated generally occurs when your code isn't creating a Token object via Stripe Checkout prior to running this bit of code.

I would suggest that you check your Stripe account's API logs (https://dashboard.stripe.com/test/logs/overview) and ensure that you are in fact correctly creating a Token object via Stripe Checkout prior to calling this create Charge snippet.

You may also want to read through their Checkout PHP tutorial (https://stripe.com/docs/checkout/php), to get a better understanding of how all of the pieces fit together. If you still have issues after all that, you may want to write in to their support staff via https://support.stripe.com/email since you probably don't want to discuss private account specific things in public.

javascript, Kindly check the errors below: Notice: Undefined index: stripeToken in /opt/lampp​/htdocs/fullbrick/thankYou.php on line 42 NULL Fatal error: Issue #2467611 by czigor: Undefined index: stripeToken Log in or register to post comments; Comment #5 aviindub Credit Attribution: aviindub commented 9 April 2015 at

This is a quick finding I just experienced. If you're using the default <form action="/directory" method="POST"> ... </form> from this stripe example page with your own endpoint make sure to specify down to the index.php file inside the directory folder.

I was getting an odd error where the token was being created but I would get directed to the PHP endpoint and it wasn't a POST event. I had an index.php file in /directory/ and I had to write the complete path not just up to /directory eg. /directory/index.php. Then it worked as expected.

Undefined index: stripeToken [#2467611], Undefined index: stripeToken. Closed (fixed). Project: Commerce Stripe. Version: 7.x-1.0-rc7. Component: Code. Priority: Normal. Category:. )Notice: Undefined index: stripeToken in C:\wamp\www\betatest\paimentfaux.php on line 2; Call Stack # Time Memory Function Location; 1: 0.0007: 388200 {main}( )

I want to confirm and extend what subalublub said, in that the endpoint can simply be "/charge/" without having to use index.php there.

I ran into this issue and just using "/charge" was not passing in the $_POST values, but when changing to "/charge/" the index.php file inside that folder worked correctly.

Hope this helps someone.

How to solve Undefined index: stripeToken in PHP? – GiveMeAns , Notice: Undefined index: stripeToken in /opt/lampp/htdocs/fullbrick/thankYou.php on line 42 NULL Fatal error: Uncaught  Notice: Undefined index: stripeToken in /home4/guesskco/public_html/developer/wp-content/themes/berdugo-child/stripe_token.php on line 8 token=

Stripe Token Error !, Stripe Token Error ! Posted 3 years ago by erenergul. This is my view code <form action="{{route('payment.store')}}" method="POST"  Ce document intitulé « PHP - Notice : Undefined index » issu de Comment Ça Marche (www.commentcamarche.net) est mis à disposition sous les termes de la licence Creative Commons.Vous pouvez

PHP notice error: undefined index `code` on Message/Response , The data I feed to the form is correct (a valid Stripe token), and it works error: undefined index `code` on Message/Response.php#L308 #62. This might be a related issue: #2467611: Undefined index: stripeToken And as always be sure to try the latest -dev version of the module to see if your issue has been fixed in the interim. Log in or register to post comments

Undefined index: stripeToken in par WilsonMbambalé , Notice: Undefined index: stripeToken in C:\wamp\www\betatest\paimentfaux.php on line 2. Call Stack. #, Time, Memory, Function, Location. Invalid token id: undefined. A beta-tester reports a failure on using Stripe for checkout. In the drupal logs I see this: > Card processing error: Invalid token id: undefined. In the Stripe logs I see a successful v1/tokens request, which returns a good-looking token.

  • Why would you use PHP's global? Instead, use Request instance. For example: $request->request->get('stripeToken')
  • I have already tried this way but I still have this error: link