How to resolve urls correctly in Laravel?

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I have url for product details (, When i click "about us" page while still in this url, I get an error "this url doesnt exist"( How can i get the url to resolve correctly to

This is my productDetail route


this is about-us route

Route::get('about-us', function(){
return View('about');

I would like to get the exactly route ( instead of it chaining at the end of the current url (

Better to put routes as named routes.


Route::get('about-us', function(){
  return View('about');

Call the specific route as

 <a href="{{route('about-us')}}">about us</a>
 <a href="{{route('product.view',['id' => $id, 'pro_name' => 'name_of_product'])}}">View Product</a>

URL Generation - Laravel, For example, you may need to capture a user's ID from the URL. The given parameters will automatically be inserted into the URL in their correct positions: Sometimes you may wish to resolve Eloquent models using a column other than id  This is needed for Voyager to correctly resolve asset URLs. Set ADMIN_PASSWORD in your .env file if you want to specify an admin password. If not, the default password is 'password' php artisan ecommerce:install. This will migrate the database and run any seeders necessary. See this episode. npm install; npm run dev

Using alias as @jitheshJose has answered would fix your issue, but i think your issue is as simple as this:

You're on the page "" and you have a link with href="about-us".

when this link is clicked, it will lead to "".

to fix this, change the link in the href to href="/about-us".

To understand better what's happening here, lookup the difference between relative link and absolute link.

Routing - Laravel, So I guess it uses the local config correctly but only returns the host/domain. so can you tell me how you solve this problem in the end? Thx Add Column Action - Changing route() url yajra/laravel-datatables#1258. Closed. The resolve-url-loader@2.3.1 uses rework engine. So maybe also try resolve-url-loader@3.0.0 with engine:rework. That downgrades you from postcss back to rework but keeps the newly refactored/tested code. 🤔 I guess the sources look normal.

Here is an option you can use.

    Route::get('product-detail/{id}/{pro_name}', [
        'as' => 'product.view',
        'uses' => 'HomeController@detailPro',

    Route::get('about-us', [
        'as' => 'about'
    ], function(){
          return View('about');


 <a href="{{route('about')}}">About</a>
 <a href="{{route('product.view',['id' => $id, 'pro_name' => 'name_of_product'])}}">My Product</a>

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