How I can work with Amazon's Dynamodb Local in Node?

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Amazon offers a local simulator for their Dynamodb product but the examples are only in PHP.

These examples mention passing the parameter "base_url" to specify that you're using a local Dynamodb, but that returns this error in Node:

{ [UnrecognizedClientException: The security token included in the request is invalid.]
  message: 'The security token included in the request is invalid.',
  code: 'UnrecognizedClientException',
  name: 'UnrecognizedClientException',
  statusCode: 400,
  retryable: false }

How do I get Dynamodb_local working in Node?

You should follow this blog post to setup your DynamoDB Local, an then you can simply use this code:

var AWS= require('aws-sdk'),
dyn= new AWS.DynamoDB({ endpoint: new AWS.Endpoint('http://localhost:8000') });

dyn.listTables(function (err, data)

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For Node please do as below:

const AWS = require('aws-sdk');
const AWSaccessKeyId = 'not-important';
const AWSsecretAccessKey = 'not-important';      
const AWSregion = 'local';
const AWSendpoint = 'http://localhost:8000' // This is required
    accessKeyId: AWSaccessKeyId,
    secretAccessKey: AWSsecretAccessKey,  
    region: AWSregion,
    endpoint: AWSendpoint

Ensure that DynamodDB is running on port 8000.

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Here is how I do it, same code works local or inside AWS.

Simply leverage existence of env var DYNAMO_LOCAL_ENDPT="http://localhost:8000"

import { DynamoDB, Endpoint } from 'aws-sdk';

const ddb = new DynamoDB({ apiVersion: '2012-08-10' });

if (process.env['DYNAMO_LOCAL_ENDPT']) {
  ddb.endpoint = new Endpoint(process.env['DYNAMO_LOCAL_ENDPT']);

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This blog post has an end to end example for using DynamoDB local with Node on Ubuntu, including setting up docker to run dynamoDB local in a container and sample code for calling various DDB operations.

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  • Did you createa table using aws-sdk and this dynamo local?
  • You may also be interested in, in which case you can simply issue: dyngodb --local
  • Thanks! It looks like the PHP SDK uses "base_url" where the Node SDK uses "endpoint".
  • For others new to AWS like I was, after line 1 I needed to add AWS.config.update({ accessKeyId: "myKeyId", secretAccessKey: "secretKey", region: "us-east-1" });
  • I suggest you to use the environment variables (AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY,AWS_REGION) instead of using AWS.config.update.
  • I can't create a table with this code. dyn.createTable({ TableName: 'myTbl', AttributeDefinitions: [ { AttributeName: 'aaa', AttributeType: 'S' }, ], KeySchema:[ { AttributeName: 'aaa', KeyType: 'HASH' } ] }, function() { dyn.listTables(function(err, data) { console.log(data) }); });