How to I return the first of matching key values?

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I have an array that I want to search for a particular value, and then return the key. However, it's likely that there will be multiple matching values. What is the best way to return the key from the first matching value?

$agent_titles = array(
    'agent_1' => sales,
    'agent_2' => manager, // The key I want to return
    'agent_3' => manager,       
    'agent_4' => director;

    if (false !== $key = array_search('manager', $agent_titles)) {
        return $key;
    } else {

In this scenario I would want to return 'agent_2'. Thanks in advance!

usage of array_search was best solution but try write your code simple as possible

return array_search('manager',$agent_titles);

Expert C# 2005 Business Objects, The Key property does the reverse, accepting a value and returning the first matching key value. In either case, if the value is not found, then the default value of  3.2 In the Table_array box, select the table which contains the first matching value values.; 3.2 In the Lookup_value box, select the cell contains the criteria you will return the first value based on; 3.3 In the Column box, specify the column you will return the matched value from. Or you can enter the column number into the textbox directly

public function blahblah($search_value = 'manager') {
    $agent_titles = [
     'agent_1' => sales,
     'agent_2' => manager,
     'agent_3' => manager,       
     'agent_4' => director,
    foreach($array as $key => $value){
        if($value == $search_value){
            return $key;
    return false;

Expert VB 2005 Business Objects, Public Property Value() As V Get Return mValue End Get Set(ByVal value As V) does the reverse, accepting a value and returning the first matching key value. VLOOKUP is a powerful function. But I often get a question in one of my Power Excel seminars from someone who wants to know if VLOOKUP can return all of matching values. As you know, the VLOOKUP with False as the fourth argument will always return the first match that it finds. In the following screenshot, cell F2 returns 3623 because it is the first match found for job J1199.

function getKeyByValue($input, $array) {

     foreach ( $array as $key => $value ) { 
        if ( $input == $value ) {
            return $key;

$agent_titles = array(
 'agent_1' => 'sales',
 'agent_2' => 'manager',
 'agent_3' => 'manager',       
 'agent_4' => 'director'

var_dump(getKeyByValue('manager', $agent_titles));

Common Lisp Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, looking for a key, and will return the first matching key/value pair. As the example above shows, alists can have several key/value pairs with the same key, and  Then you need to use the following formula based on the VLOOKUP function to find the second matching value: =VLOOKUP("excel"&2,C1:D6,2,0) Note: if you want to find the third matching values, just replace “excel”&2 with “excel”&3. And if you need to find the nth matching values, just change number 3 to number n.

first(where:), func first(where predicate: ((key: Key, value: Value)) throws -> Bool) rethrows -> (​key: Key, A closure that takes an element of the sequence as its argument and returns a Boolean value indicating whether the element is a match. Return Value. Return Multiple Lookup Values In One Comma Separated Cell ; In Excel, we can apply the VLOOKUP function to return the first matched value from a table cells, but, sometimes, we need to extract all matching values and then separated by a specific delimiter, such as comma, dash, etc… into a single cell as following screenshot shown.

PHP, If there are more than one values then the key of first matching value will be returned. Syntax: array_search($value, $array, strict_parameter). Parameters: Vlookup the last matching value in Excel with formulas. To vlookup and return the certain value you need, the vlookup function will be first in your mind, but, with the vlookup function you just return the first matching value not the last. Here, I will talk about some other formulas to deal with this task.

array_search - Manual, If needle is found in haystack more than once, the first matching key is returned. To return the keys for all matching values, use array_keys() with the optional  Matching Two Columns with Same Values to Return a Third Column (MATCH & INDEX) The previous problem can be solved with a different formula. In this formula, we will be using the INDEX and MATCH function together. IT will give us the same output like the previous method.

  • One you fix the parse errors that exactly what your code does.
  • possible duplicate of…
  • By the way, remove the ; in the line with 'agent_4' => director;
  • will return false if not found , or key of array if found
  • thank you. so if there are multiple values of 'manager', it will only return the key of the first one - in this case 'agent_2', correct?
  • Yes , it will return key of first occurrence of value in the array