UIImpactFeedbackGenerator not working

I'm trying to use the new UIImpactFeedbackGenerator for haptic feedback, but it isn't working.

  • Testing on iPhone 7
  • iOS 10.1.1
  • System Haptic setting is enabled

I'm using the following code example in Objective-C

UIImpactFeedbackGenerator *myGen = [[UIImpactFeedbackGenerator alloc] init];
[myGen initWithStyle:(UIImpactFeedbackStyleMedium)];
[myGen impactOccurred];
myGen = NULL;

I'm triggering it inside a UILongPressGestureRecognizer delegate.

Any idea what the problem might be?

Vibration would not work because it's way too powerful. Haptic feedback is what is used in a picker. It's very mild and had different types of vibration. It's invoked whenever a user sliders there finger accross a graph or needs feedback for some sort of minor event.

I had the same issue, it turned out that while working with real time camera input, UIImpactFeedbackGenerator will not give any haptic feedback

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I asked an Apple Engineer at WWDC 2017 why my haptic request would sometimes fail, and he had me call impactOccurred on the next run loop like this:

[self.feedbackGenerator performSelector:@selector(impactOccurred) withObject:nil afterDelay:0.0f];

Worked like a charm!

Hi. Thanks for your reply. I did what you suggested with assign layer.bounds after adding preview layer. It did not work. And yes, I do use autoLayout. I will happy to know if you have any other ideas. Thanks – drsealks Apr 24 '16 at 19:43

Pitfall: Does not work along with other audio session. There is a note:. However, the device does not vibrate if your app’s audio session is configured with the

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When your camera isn't working in Windows 10, it might be missing drivers after a recent update. It's also possible that your anti-virus program is blocking the camera, your privacy settings don't allow camera access for some apps, or there's a problem with the app you want to use.

  • It is recommended to call prepare before calling impactOccurred, have you tried that?
  • @donnywals yeah, i tried that as well, didn't help :/
  • Have you tried not releasing myGen it in the same method ? Also, try moving the declaration of your generator somewhere earlier in the lifecycle and make sure you prepare it before firing. Does this help ?
  • Still not working for me. I noticed that if I print the feeback object, it says it is not prepared, even when I do call prepare as well.