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I am using canvas with html to draw on the screen. The thing I need is to draw with the left click only, and right click just do nothing. I tried the following:

canvas.oncontextmenu = e => {

It disabled the right click menu, but I am able to press the canvas (and eventually draw on it) with both left and right click. What am I missing?


<canvas oncontextmenu="return false;"></canvas>

Disable right click menu · GitHub, Block right-click menu thru preventing default action. e.preventDefault();. } });. } // Once the page is loaded, disable the right click menu of the canvas. On a 101 key keyboard, you can execute a right-click command by holding down the shift key and pressing F10. JavaScript If you would like to disable right-clicks on your web page anyway, here's a really simple JavaScript that you can use to block all access to the context menu (not just from the right mouse button but from the keyboard as well)—and really annoy your visitors.

You can use this:

canvas.bind('contextmenu', function(e){
    return false;

block the student option to right click to copy, Quizzes: can I disable the right click function in quizzes? My students use the right click on a question to "save as". I do not want them to have a. 1. Disable Right Click on Images only If you really must disable right-click, then limit the aggravation and use a script that disables it on images only (some scripts also prevent the IE6 image

Using Jquery:

$('body').on('contextmenu', '#myCanvas', function(e){ return false; });

Disabling right click context menu on a HTML Canvas?, prevent context menu right click javascript add right click menu item on right click show menu. Making a painting app using HTML5 and Canvas. I think I want to  JavaScript methods are used to disable the right click on the page. The used methods are listed below: HTML DOM addEventListener() Method : This method attaches an event handler to the document.

Try the following:

const canvas = document.getElementById('myCanvas');
canvas.oncontextmenu = () => false;

where myCanvas is eventually the ID given to the canvas, i.e.

<canvas id="myCanvas"></canvas>

Disabling the context menu using JavaScript, How to disable the browser rightclick menu One may want to disable the right click context menu on a webpage for various reason. It could be to show a custom  Quizzes: can I disable the right click function in quizzes? My students use the right click on a question to "save as". I do not want them to have a copy of the quizzes.

Try this:

canvas.addEventListener('mousedown', (event) => {
  if (event.which !== 1) {

It should also disable context menu from appearing. Clicking the middle mouse button won't give any effect too.

event.which contains the index of mouse button that is pressed. 1 is the left button, 2 is the middle, 3 is the right one. preventDefault() prevents default browser behaviour from being executed (such as opening context menu etc, it can be applied in many situations).

By the way, stopPropagation() is used to stop such events (as context menu opening, in this case) from being executed at child elements. <canvas> doesn't have child tags, so it can be omitted.

Jquery :: Disable Right Click - JSFiddle, Your browser does not support the canvas element. 3. </canvas>. 4. ​. 5. <img src="http://db.tt/oM60W6cH" alt="bubu">. 6. ​. 7. ​. JavaScript + jQuery 1.7.2 Tidy . You can disable the right-click function on PC by simply opening up the program and tick the boxes you wish to disable. Then, press the OK button to apply the changes. USING AN AutoHotkey SCRIPT

jQuery: Disable right click menu in html page, jQuery Practical exercise Part - I : Exercise-3. Disable right click menu in html page using jquery. Sample solution : HTML Code : <!DOCTYPE  How do I remove Drawing Canvas, or turn it off completely? When I right click to paste onto email I can't; damn Drawing Canvas appears instead of Paste, Copy etc. It just began to appear without me doing or setting anything.

How to show a context menu for HTML5 canvas shape?, Listen to contextmenu event on canvas container (stage); Prevent default browser Try right click (context menu) on shapes for a menu. Pulse Disable Mouse Right Click using JavaScript : Today we are show you how to disable mouse right click using JavaScript in website or asp.net webpage. It’s a very simple script to disable right click event. You can disable the right click event in whole website by adding this script in master page.

oncontextmenu Event, Execute a JavaScript when the user right-clicks on a <div> element with a context menu: <div oncontextmenu="myFunction()" contextmenu="mymenu">. Select "Press and hold - Right click" and click "Settings" Uncheck the box "Activate press and hold for right click" Trying the application again I now don't get a ring around the finger when pressing and holding on a link but there is still a delay before something happens.

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