Disable Captcha on admin login page from database or codebase or CLI in magento?

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I just pulled down a copy of a customers live site to correct some plugin issues and set up a demo site on our local dev server, but I cannot get into the administration panel of the site due to a broken captcha (the captcha image does not display, so entering it correctly is pretty much impossible).

I do however have access to the codebase and the database, so if I can toggle this off somewhere, remove something from config.xml or comment out a line to temporarily shut it off until I can get in and disable it correctly, that would be perfect, because I only really have about ten minutes of work to do in the backend.

This issue is due to a missing resource, probably due to some DNS setting somewhere that doesn't match up with the URL on our dev server, though I don't know exactly where. The customer is running Magento EE v. if that is relevant. Thanks in advance.

Search on core_config_data table in your database .Search admin/captcha/enable on run the below code

  core_config_data  set value=0
WHERE  path LIKE  '%admin/captcha/enable%'

Solved: Disable reCaptcha, Solved: Using Magento 2.3.3 How do I disable recaptcha? Can't login to admin. executed this command ==> bin/magento msp:security:recaptcha:disable. native (default) google reCaptcha. If yes then you can disabled it from the database then clear the cache and check - captcha will be disabled. Magento 1.9 Captcha disabled in advance but active in admin login - Can't Login [closed] but forgot to disable it in the admin and it was left on for admin logins

We were having similar issues, after duplicating & moving an existing site to a new domain.

The other answers here helped but did not entirely solve the issue. When attempting to login it would silently error and not login.

To fix this we did the following:

Search in the core_config_data table in your database for the web/cookie/cookie_domain entry, and ensure the value here is correct for the new domain.

How to Enable Admin Login Captcha in Magento 2 – Mageplaza, Adding captcha requirement to the Admin signin and Forgot password page helps increase your store security to the next level. The captcha number will be able  Just activated recaptcha on new install of magento 2.3. with correct keys from google. Now I can't login anymore. Keep telling Incorrect reCAPTCHA First there was only the upper recaptcha, now there is also the second check with letters and numbers.

insert into core_config_data (scope,value,scope_id,path) values ('default',0,0, 'admin/captcha/enable');

Remove the cache

Captcha problem Magento Admin Panel, There is a possibility to enable CAPTCHA for the Admin Panel in System table in your database to see the value for admin/captcha/enable . You could change it to 0 to disable it. My issue is the backend 'web page isn't available'. 2) use another browser to login backend My Chrome can't use, so i  3 Disable Captcha on admin login page from database or codebase or CLI in magento? Jun 11 '14. 3 Facebook Open Graph Sharing Debugger not reading my code well Dec 22 '16.

I just figured this out actually, I navigated to /app/code/core/Mage/Captcha/etc/config.xml and removed the following node (required sudo vi because it was read only): <admin_user_authenticate_before> <observers> <captcha> <class>captcha/observer</class> <method>checkUserLoginBackend</method> </captcha> </observers> </admin_user_authenticate_before>

I still like Amit's answer better because it does not require manually editing any files in the core, but this also works and I wanted to put this up as an option in case someone had the same issue in the future and did not have access to the database. Probably a good idea to restore the config to it's original state when you are done, unless you need to get back to the backend in the ongoing sense. I do like doing it through the database better though when possible.

After logging in, I restored the file to it's original state and disabled the captcha properly through the backend.

incorrect captcha magento 2, Step 2: Configure Google reCAPTCHA in Magento For reCaptcha v2 types (“I'm Disable Captcha on admin login page from database or codebase or CLI in . 10 Disable Captcha on admin login page from database or codebase or CLI in magento? Jun 11 '14. 10 Why the bootstrap menu disappearing after click on it? Oct 2 '15.


For Magento 2.x & higher versions

If you have access to Database:

Run the following query

SELECT * FROM `core_config_data` where path LIKE "%captcha%"

Set both the rows to 0

If you have access to code base

Remove the backend_login form entry in the following config file


Don't forget to Flush the cache : php bin/magento cache:flush

NOTE: Once login in to admin revert the code changes.

Disabling or enabling modules manually in the database, If you need to manually disable a module you can do so in the database. These commands can be executed with GUI like phpMyAdmin, or just the MySQL command line To disable a module via phpMyAdmin you must login to phpMyAdmin. After this, I disabled it on /admin/build/modules page. Drupal code base. @özcan_askarYou must be able to find it in database under core_config_data table. Set the value to '0' which is disable for Google Captcha. Set the value to '0' which is disable for Google Captcha. Clear the cache from the CLI should allow you to login to your admin Panel.

[PDF] Adobe® Magento Commerce Security Best Practices Guide, Commerce Cloud, which contains Magento Commerce plus other Adobe Issuance of login credentials to access customer assets and web properties Fastly (Full Page Cache and DDos Protection) Galera Database Cluster – MariaDB Enable two-factor authentication for your admin panel and all SSH connections. In this tutorial, we will talk about Command Line Inteface (CLI) in Magento 2.As you know, from Magento 2, they add many commands in bin/magento.This may difficult to get approach this , but let me explain more detail in this tutorial.

Magento 2 disable fotorama, Magento 2 disable fotorama. Magento 2 Customer Approval is a must-have extension that gives the admin the 9 (M2) - Make quickstart pacakge for Hi buddies, To flush, enable, and disable the cache command line in Magento 2, you can form; enable captcha magento; magento disable captcha; magento 2 login  See the Magento Admin User Guide Open Source and Commerce for configuration options in the Magento Admin and storefront. Troubleshooting. The extension supports a command line option for disabling reCAPTCHA. Use this command when you cannot access the Magento Admin UI.

Magento 2 Documentation: 2.3.0, Disable Captcha on admin login page from database or codebase or CLI in magento?. I just pulled down a copy of a customers live site to correct some plugin  This topic lists all configuration paths except payment variables, sensitive values, and system-specific values. The magento app:config:dump command writes these values to the shared configuration file, app/etc/config.php, which should be in source control.