I have two keystore files, but I forgot which one I used to sign the APK

I have two keystore files, but I forgot which one I used to sign the APK

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to upload an android app bundle you must be enrolled in app signing by google play.
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the android app bundle was not signed.
your android app bundle uses an upload certificate with a key that is too weak.
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I need to update my app on Play store, but I forgot that which Keystore I used to sign the APK. is there any way to identify this?

try to use one keystore and build apk and upload to playstore alpha/internal test if selected keystore is incorrect play store throw exception

Runtime Verification: 4th International Conference, RV 2013, , With the help of the Android debug bridge [19], it is easy to create a new emulator​. When changing the APK file, e.g., by instrumenting the code, the signature is lost and the Standard tools like keytool and jarsigner can be used for signing the 1$ jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore 2  A private key is necessary to digitally sign the APK. After the private key has been prepared, this step can be skipped for future release builds. Zipalign the APK – Zipalign is an optimization process that is performed on an application. It enables Android to interact more efficiently with the APK at runtime.

Just try with both one by one increasing version, Like first create sign APK with first one upload it on play store console if google throw exception then increase version code and try with second one and upload again on play store. As if you are saying Keystore from you have then it will be match and your problem will be fixed.

HTML5 Game Engines: App Development and Distribution, App Development and Distribution Dan Nagle. as Impact's “baking”, or UglifyJS used by Turbulenz). Naturally, the paranoid may have considered doing that anyway before uploading it available two versions of the apk: One is debug-​signed that can be used for testing. Do not forget the passwords or lose this keystore. Double check that the keystore file is loaded correctly before you sign.(Sometimes I've noticed that even though I click on the keystore file it doesn't load) Make sure you select the correct alias before puting in your password. just a few suggestions.

To know the keystore you used for siging the APK, You need to identify SHA1 key of keystore. Unzip the APK and open "META-INF" folder in terminal. Run the following command: -

keytool -printcert -file CERT.RSA

This will print the SHA1 key. Just verify this key with your both keystores. To know the SHA1 of the keystore use following command in terminal: -

keytool -exportcert -alias aliname -keystore youkeystore.jks | openssl sha1 -binary | openssl base64

Use app signing by Google Play - Play Console Help, With app signing by Google Play, Google manages and protects your app's You can enroll apps into app signing by Google Play one at a time. You can still upload an APK and manage your own keys instead of using an app keytool -export -rfc -keystore upload-keystore.jks -alias upload -file upload_certificate.​pem. If you don’t have keystore file, you can create one with following instructions here. You will define keyAlias, keyPassword and storePassword yourself while creating keystore. Now, we use single keystore file to sign our APK digitally. If you lost this keystore file or forget the credentials, you cannot update your application anymore.

Sign your app, Generate an upload key and keystore; Sign your app with your App signing by Google Play uses two keys: the app signing key and the If you do not already have an app signing key, you can generate one The certificate associates the APK or app bundle to you and your corresponding private key. If you manage your own app signing key and keystore, when you sign your APK, you will sign it locally using your app signing key and upload the signed APK directly to the Google Play Store for distribution as shown in figure 10. Figure 12. Signing an app when you manage your own app signing key

Learning Android Game Programming: A Hands-On Guide to Building , That arrangement worked well for development, but now we want to distribute our game to other users, so we need our own private crypto key that we can use to sign the .apk file. MA two-letter country code for this unit? to refer to a specific key in the keystore; it will be used a little later, when we sign the final .apk file. apksigner sign --ks keystore.jks | --key key.pk8 --cert cert.x509.pem [signer_options] app-name.apk When you sign an APK using the apksigner tool, you must provide the signer's private key and certificate. You can include this information in two different ways: Specify a KeyStore file using the --ks option.

Creating Keystores and Signing Android Apps, A public key certificate is used to sign an APK before deployment to services like the Google Play Store. Any ratings your app had on Google Play will be lost. would result in a keystore file called release.keystore which contained an RSA-​2048 public/private signingConfig and associate it with one or more android. An existing certificate can be used by clicking the Import button and then proceeding to Sign the APK. Otherwise, click the click the + button to create a new certificate: The Create Android Key Store dialog is displayed; use this dialog to create a new signing certificate that can use for signing Android applications.