How to use "Functional bean definition Kotlin DSL" with Spring Boot and Spring WebFlux?

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At the comment shows how to define Spring Beans via the new "Functional bean definition Kotlin DSL". I also found However, this example uses just plain Spring and not Spring Boot. Any hint how to use the DSL together with Spring Boot is appreciated.

Spring Boot is based on Java Config, but should allow experimental support of user-defined functional bean declaration DSL via ApplicationContextInitializer support as described here.

In practice, you should be able to declare your beans for example in a Beans.kt file containing a beans() function.

fun beans() = beans {
    // Define your bean with Kotlin DSL here

Then in order to make it taken in account by Boot when running main() and tests, create an ApplicationContextInitializer class as following:

class BeansInitializer : ApplicationContextInitializer<GenericApplicationContext> {

    override fun initialize(context: GenericApplicationContext) =


And ultimately, declare this initializer in your file:


You will find a full example here and can also follow this issue about dedicated Spring Boot support for functional bean registration.

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Another way to do it in Spring Boot would be :

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    runApplication<DemoApplication>(*args) {
                beans {
                    // Define your bean with Kotlin DSL here

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You can define your beans in *Config.kt file and implement initalize method of ApplicationContextInitializer interface.

override fun initialize(applicationContext: GenericApplicationContext) {

Some bean definition here.


bean("beanName") {

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  • Have you just tried it out, e.g. by putting this bean definition into a controller (which is discovered by spring boot)?
  • Yes, I tried a @Configuration class with an @Bean method returning the result of beans {...}. Then I got the exception "... No qualifying bean of type '...' available ..." when I remove @Service and declare the service class inside the beans {...} lambda above.
  • Two questions regarding your answer: * This initialisation will be picked up by the test setup with using a SpringRunner with JUnit, right? * Is there any other way of having this behaviour without having to create properties files, including this initialisation being picked up on tests? Thanks!
  • Yes and not yet.
  • Side note: we are currently exploring full functional bean definition for Boot with Java or Kotlin DSL in incubator project.
  • What if I want to override a bean? I added allow-bean-definition-overriding: true and am trying to declare a test bean via @Bean but it seems to be ignored. I have tried an exact same setup(basically, just copy pasted) on a project withotu bean DSL and it worked.
  • Declaring the initializer like that will disable all other ones provided by spring boot, won't it?
  • The drawback of that approach is that the initializer won't be taken in account for tests.