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I am using the statement

SELECT    * 
INTO      #gsig_ref  
FROM      gsign 
WHERE     [name] NOT LIKE 'RESERVE%' OR [name] NOT LIKE 'Spare%'

EXECUTE('SELECT * INTO #db1 FROM ' + @db1)
EXECUTE('SELECT * INTO #db2 FROM ' + @db2)

where @db1 will be supplied at runtime (for eg @db1 = '#gsig_ref')

If I say select * from #db1... it says invalid object. Please help me how to access data from #db1.. since i have use this in another query like

SELECT        DISTINCT @p1 INTO #curs_name
FROM          #db1 
WHERE         @p1 NOT IN (SELECT @p2 FROM #db2)
ORDER BY      @p1

How can #db1 be acccessed in the above query and also @p1 is the input variable to this procedure and I should use it for the distinct @p1..

A local temporary table that is created in a stored procedure is dropped when the procedure ends; other stored procedures, or the calling process, can't see them.

You could generate the entire SQL, effectively moving the temporary table to the dynamic SQL, like:

declare @sql varchar(max);
set @sql = 'select into #t1 ....; select * from #t1';
exec (@sql);

If I read that, I wonder why your outer procedure even needs the temporary table, but there may be good reasons for that.

Another option, if you're sure only one call is executed at the same time, is to use a global temp table. They're declared with a double hash, like ##TempTable. Global temp tables survive the end of their procedure, but can be referenced from multiple sessions.

Cannot access temp table in dynamic TSQL, Supported? I know this is tagged as 2008R2. Since that's officially out of support, perhaps an upgrade is in your future. If you end up on a  How to access temptable after creating it dynamically. Hi.. I am using the statement SELECT * INTO #gsig_ref FROM gsign WHERE [name] NOT LIKE 'RESERV. I'll cover the following topics in the code samples below: SQL Server, SELECT INTO, Varchar, Database, OP, and SELECT DISTINCT.

You cannot access temp tables declared in dynamic SQL.

However, if you create a temp table before running a dynamic query, you can reference it in that dynamic query.

In your example, this would become

(...table definition...)

(...table definition...)


You will also need to construct and execute your second query (using @p1) as dynamic SQL, since you want to use variables as placeholders for column names.


There is no simple way to modify this solution if the structure of your source tables varies.

You could write some code to query the information schema to generate and apply dynamic ALTER TABLE scripts to the temp table to make its structure match the source table, but this may be more complexity than you're willing to take on.

Andomar's suggestion of carrying out the whole operation in dynamic SQL may be a better fit.

It might be a good idea to take a step back and re-evaluate whether what you're trying to do is the best solution to whatever problem it is you're trying to solve.

Creating temporary table dynamically using condition, EXEC sp_executesql @SQLStatement;. If you create a temp table in outside Ad- Hoc SQL, you can easily access that in the part of your  These are the basics things that required to deal with temp table variables. Now let's do some interesting operation on #Temp tables. Adding Columns in #Temp table dynamically: Temp tables allow changes to their structure when required after creation. DECLARE @ColName nvarchar (100) DECLARE @DynamicSQL nvarchar (250) SET @ColName = 'newColumn'

You can not reference variables declared in the EXEC(like your temp tables) statement outside that statement.

SQL SERVER - Dynamic SQL and Temporary Tables, SET @SQLStatement = 'CREATE TABLE #TempTable (ID INT);. SELECT ID FROM #TempTable;' ;. EXEC sp_executesql @SQLStatement;  The steps outlined below will guide you through the process of creating a physical table to store some data and then creating a temp table which will then be populated by the data from the physical table. The first step is to create a physical database table and populate it with data. The script outlined below will create a table called employee.

Create temp tables in advance before the dynamic sql and then populate then using dynamic sql.

Refer 4th method in

Hope this helps!

SQL SERVER - Dynamic SQL and Global Temporary Tables, how can i access local temp table created using dynamic sql? here is my So when your dynamic query runs, it creates table and clears it after  We have Peoplesoft applications that create tables on the > fly. Developers want access to those tables that will be created on the fly, > in case the process that creates it ends abnormally. I looked into granting > via DDL triggers, it seemed like granting access via them is a problem.

Temp tables in dynamic sql, Hi,. I have a temp table (#TempTable). Why I created this is to insert and update the rows with different select queries. IF I use SELECT * FROM  Hi @CheenuSing. We would need a working example to understand what you are trying to achieve. I would imagine that the data would be loaded into a summarized table using the new table functionality, and then I would use DAX to create dynamic measures based off that table.

local temp table in dynamic sql - MSDN, You cannot access temp tables declared in dynamic SQL. However, if you create a temp table before running a dynamic query, you can reference it in that  Summary: in this tutorial, we will discuss MySQL temporary table and show you how to create, use and drop temporary tables.. Introduction to MySQL temporary tables. In MySQL, a temporary table is a special type of table that allows you to store a temporary result set, which you can reuse several times in a single session.

Temporary table with dynamic sql – SQLServerCentral, A temp-table object handle corresponds to an underlying ABL temp-table, which can be A dynamic temp-table is one you create at run time with the CREATE TEMP-TABLE statement. AFTER-TABLE attribute Run a query to access it*/ There are any alternative to declare a variable dynamicall with the stored procedure. Detail Problem Description-----1. I am creating a table with in the stored procedure dynamically using Execute

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  • Hi Harper, thanks for the suggestion. But, @db1 is not a single keeps changing and I cant have the CREATE TABLE #db1 for one table, as the structure changes for every value of @db1. So, I had this option earlier and i quitted it as it will not work out for me. Any other suggestions please
  • HI.. I am able to solve the temp tables by creating them as regular tables and dropping them at the end. but I have a select statemetn which is SELECT DISTINCT @p1 as col1 INTO #curs_name FROM db1 WHERE @p1 NOT IN (SELECT @p2 FROM db2) ORDER BY case when @p1 = 'name' then @p1 when @p1 = 'param' then @p1 else @p1 end The error displayed is "ORDER BY items must appear in the select list if SELECT DISTINCT is specified." Actually @p1 is sent as param to this proc it may be changing at runtime. How to handle this in this situatoin ?Is this same case for @p2?? Please help . Thanks Ramm