VS code+JavaScript shortcut for end-line-with-';'-and-go-to-the-next-line

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Here is example of what I want to do:

I used Ctrl+Shift+T in WebStorm but now I'm stuck with finding the equal shortcut at VsCode. Any suggestions?

I think you will need to set up a macro for that, it isn't built-in. See vscode macro extension.

And this in your settings:

"macros": {

    "insert semicolon and goto next line": [

          "command": "type",
          "args": {
            "text": ";"

Set up a keybinding for that:

  "key": "ctrl+shift+;",
  "command": "macros.insert semicolon and goto next line"

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I had the same issue and I solved with the shortcut Ctrl+Enter

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You can install the Auto Insert Semicolon extension.

Work fine for me.Shortcut: alt+enter

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