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My code is at

The JS is:

function delay() {
    var INTENDED_MONTH = 7 //August
    // INTENDED_MONTH is zero-relative
    now = new Date().getDate(),
rows = document.getElementById('scripture').rows;
    if (new Date().getMonth() != INTENDED_MONTH) {
        // need a value here less than 1, 
        // or the box for the first of the month will be in Red
        now = 0.5
    for (var i = 0, rl = rows.length; i < rl; i++) {
        var cells = rows[i].childNodes;
        for (j = 0, cl = cells.length; j < cl; j++) {
            if (cells[j].nodeName == 'TD'
  && cells[j].firstChild.nodeValue != ''
  && cells[j].firstChild.nodeValue == now) {
                // 'ffff99' // '#ffd700' // TODAY - red
                rows[i].style.backgroundColor = 'red' 

I need to find a way to smooth the .scrollintoview(). Right now it 'jumps' to the highlighted row. I need it to smoothly transition to that row. It needs to be done dynamically in replacement of scrollintoview. Any ideas? Thanks.

In most modern browsers (Chrome and Firefox, but not Safari, UC, or IE) you can pass options in an object to .scrollIntoView().

Try this:

elm.scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth', block: 'center' })

Other values are behavior: 'instant' or block: 'start' or block: 'end'. See

Element.scrollIntoView(), Defines the transition animation. One of auto or smooth . Defaults to auto . block Optional: Defines vertical alignment. The Element interface's scrollIntoView () method scrolls the element's parent container such that the element on which scrollIntoView () is called is visible to the user.

I was searching this issue too and found this solution:

$('html, body').animate({
    scrollTop: $("#elementId").offset().top
}, 1000);


Smooth Scrolling, scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth' });. Dustan Kasten has a polyfill for this. And you'd probably only reach for this if you were doing something  and ScrollIntoView does not animate the scrolling. To get animation to happen, you would instead use the ChangeView method of the ScrollViewer part of the UWP ListView. For Example:

Maybe you don't want to add jQuery just for implementing this feature. elem is the element to be scrolled. The destination pos can be taken from the offsetTop property of the element to be moved into view.

function Scroll_To(elem, pos)
    var y = elem.scrollTop;
    y += (pos - y) * 0.3;
    if (Math.abs(y-pos) < 2)
        elem.scrollTop = pos;
    elem.scrollTop = y;
    setTimeout(Scroll_To, 40, elem, pos);   

scrollIntoView is the best thing since sliced bread - DEV, Making elements scroll into view used to be hard, especially with animation. Now it's super easy with Tagged with html, javascript, webdev,  It returns a promise that resolves when the animation is done; It accepts an element as coordinate and scrolls to it (also works with a selector like #some-section-id) It will not overwrite any existing public structure (like the scrollTo native function or Math's prototype) Has a default duration

Smooth scrolling using requestAnimationFrame over a specific duration with no jQuery.


window.bringIntoView_started = 0;
window.bringIntoView_ends = 0;
window.bringIntoView_y = 0;
window.bringIntoView_tick = function() {
  var distanceLeft, dt, duration, t, travel;
  t =;
  if (t < window.bringIntoView_ends) {
    dt = t - window.bringIntoView_started;
    duration = window.bringIntoView_ends - window.bringIntoView_started;
    distanceLeft = window.bringIntoView_y - document.body.scrollTop;
      travel = distanceLeft * (dt / duration);
      document.body.scrollTop += travel;
  } else {
    document.body.scrollTop = window.bringIntoView_y;
window.bringIntoView = function(e, duration) {
  window.bringIntoView_started =;
  window.bringIntoView_ends = window.bringIntoView_started + duration;
  window.bringIntoView_y = Math.min(document.body.scrollTop + e.getBoundingClientRect().top, document.body.scrollHeight - window.innerHeight);


bringIntoView(document.querySelector('#bottom'), 400)

It should speed up as dt (deltaTime) gets bigger, and slows down as distanceLeft get's smaller. I considered breaking the loop if the user scrolled but meh. Global variables prevent the previous call from completely taking over, but doesn't cancel the previous recursive loop so it'll animate twice as fast.

litera/jquery-scrollintoview: Animated scroll into view jQuery , Animated scroll into view jQuery plugin. Contribute to litera/jquery-scrollintoview development by creating an account on GitHub. Animated scrollintoview jQuery plugin to the rescue. That's why there still are plugins that perform scroll into view instead of using native DOM function. They usually animate scrolling which eliminates all 3 issues outlined above. Users can easily keep track of the movement.

You just need to include this polyfill and it works.

<script src="js/smoothscroll.js"></script>

Or require it if you use npm.


Use native scrollIntoView Method.

    block: "start",
    behavior: "smooth"

scrollIntoView, scrollIntoView() // Scrolls 'footer' into view Incorrect Usage cy.scrollIntoView(' easing, swing, Will scroll with the easing animation. log, true, Displays the  The scrollIntoView() method scrolls the specified element into the visible area of the browser window. Browser Support The numbers in the table specifies the first browser version that fully supports the method.

How to scroll elements smoothly in JavaScript/jQuery • Praveen Lobo, These methods also use jQuery's animate() method. To best view the This works exactly the same as scrollIntoView(true) - see [2] below. ScrollIntoView just brings the item into the view, period, it does not scroll to a row. If you call it on a member and it is below the bottom of the visible list it scrolls down until the the item is the last member in the visible list.

element.scrollIntoView, Example. Scroll the element with id="content" into the visible area of the browser window: var elmnt = document.getElementById("content"); elmnt.scrollIntoView  Section 1. Click on the link to see the "smooth" scrolling effect. Click Me to Smooth Scroll to Section 2 Below. Note: Remove the scroll-behavior property to remove smooth scrolling.

scrollintoview animation - scroll - iOS, scrollIntoView(); } } } } I need to find a way to smooth the .scrollintoview(). Right now it 'jumps' to the highlighted row. I need it to smoothly transition to that row. .scrollIntoView() requires being chained off a command that yields DOM element(s). Assertions .scrollIntoView() will automatically wait for assertions you've chained to pass. Timeouts .scrollIntoView() can time out waiting for assertions you've added to pass. Command Log Assert element is visible after scrolling it into view