Fullcalendar v2: How to maintain the same scroll time when navigating weeks?

Fullcalendar v2: How to maintain the same scroll time when navigating weeks?

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On Fullcalendar 2, when I navigate between weeks, I'd like to maintain the same time ranges in the vertical scroll. For example, in the below images, I am initially looking at times from 12am-3pm. But when I press the next arrow to go to the next week, it resets at 8am.

I know that I can change the default starting time with

scrollTime: "08:00:00",

but how do I make it so that the vertical time range is "fixed" to what I am on?

Unfortunately this is not build-in functionality. There is a workaround but you will always have a little bit of flickering when you go to the previous/next week.

var scroll = -1,
    viewNames = ['agendaWeek', 'agendaDay'];

    eventAfterAllRender: function(view) {
        if(scroll > -1 && viewNames.indexOf(view.name) !== -1)
            //Use a setTimeout hack here because the scrollTime will be set after eventAfterAllRender is processed.
                document.querySelector('.fc-agenda-slots').parentNode.parentNode.scrollTop = scroll;
            }, 0);
    viewDestroy: function(view) {
        if(viewNames.indexOf(view.name) !== -1)
            scroll = document.querySelector('.fc-agenda-slots').parentNode.parentNode.scrollTop;

This code will work for FullCalendar v2. It assumes that the scrolling div is the parent of the parent of the .fc-agenda-slots div.

Issues · fullcalendar, Unfortunately this is not build-in functionality. There is a workaround but you will always have a little bit of flickering when you go to the previous/next week. [ Natty] javascript Fullcalendar v2: How to maintain the same scroll time when navigating weeks? By: Dominic 0.5 ; [ Natty ] javascript Error: Exception in HostFunction: Malformed calls from JS: field sizes are different.

Working Code compatible with fullcalendar 2.6.1

I started this code from the post below (A1rPun).

Working JSFiddle

var scroll = -1;


    // init calendar
    header: {left: 'today prev,next, refresh title', 
    right: 'agendaDay,agendaWeek'},
    allDaySlot: false,
    defaultView: 'agendaDay',

    // when all the events are rendered, scroll to the previous saved scroll position
    eventAfterAllRender: function(view) {
        if(scroll > -1 && (view.name=='agendaDay' || view.name=='agendaWeek'))
            document.querySelector('.fc-scroller').scrollTop = scroll;

    // when view is destroyed, we keep the scroll position in a variable
    viewDestroy: function(view) {
        if(view.name=='agendaDay' || view.name=='agendaWeek')
            scroll = document.querySelector('.fc-scroller').scrollTop;

}); // end calendar

This solution is working in 'agendaDay', and 'agendaWeek' views. It's also working when you switch between them.

I don't think it is very pretty because you need to wait until after all the events are rendered. The more events you have on your calendar, the more time the scroll will take..

A good solution would be to use the

Fullcalendar option scrollTime

You can set it in viewRender like this. That will have the effect to make the calendar scroll to this time.

viewRender: function(view, element){
    view.options.scrollTime = '09:00:00';

Maybe there is a way to convert the scroll value into time and then render it to the calendar.


I figured out that is way much better to use the viewRender callback, instead of the eventAfterAllRender callback to set the scroll position.

Here is the JSFiddle

viewRender: function(view, element){

        if(scroll > -1 && (view.name=='agendaDay' || view.name=='agendaWeek')){
                    document.querySelector('.fc-scroller').scrollTop = scroll;


It's allowing to switch between other wiews (month, basicWeek...) and keep saving the scroll. And it's a bit faster

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What I have is:

var height =  $(window).scrollTop();
console.log("current height " + height);

$('#calendar').fullCalendar(  'removeEvents');
$('#calendar').fullCalendar(  'addEventSource', e);
$('#calendar').fullCalendar(  'addEventSource', holiday);
$('#calendar').fullCalendar(  'refetchEvents');

console.log("scroll to " + height);

and it works for me

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Here you can set basic configuration.

scrollTime: '08:00:00',
minTime: '00:00:00', // Set your min time
maxTime: '24:00:00', // Set your max time

yes, main thing is 'height' parameter should not be there in calendar configuration.

Remove below parameter

 height: 'auto'

Navigate previous/next when dragging event to edges · Issue #2542 , I'm trying to get dragScroll (http://fullcalendar.io/docs/event_ui/dragScroll/) working, but to scroll the visible times [2] Start dragging an event, like 'Lunch' and keep it (while Can't drag event to differnt week in agendaWeek view #2583 the dragging with the right event (what if there are several events at the same time) ? Another idea would be to automatically expand days/weeks views if there are meetings out of the selected range (before minTime or after maxTime). Then while navigating between days or weeks, the calendar would expand and collapse depending on the meetings of the current day/week. => This could be an new option to allow this behavior. 👍

While I would like to see this as build-in function, this is the fastest and at the same time less verbose solution I found:

viewDestroy: function (view) {
    if (view.name=='agendaDay' || view.name=='agendaWeek') {
        var scrollEl = document.querySelector('.fc-scroller');
        var scrollFraction = scrollEl.scrollTop / scrollEl.scrollHeight;
        this.scrollTime = moment().startOf('day').add(3600 * 24 * scrollFraction, 's').format('HH:mm:00');
        view.options.scrollTime = this.scrollTime;

Notice that this assumes the scroll range is 12AM-12AM. If you limit your visible area, you should adapt the day duration as well.

You can try it out: JSFiddle

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The time-zone offset is the difference, in minutes, from local time to UTC. Note that this means that the offset is positive if the local timezone is behind UTC and negative if it is ahead. For example, for time zone UTC+10:00 (Australian Eastern Standard Time, Vladivostok Time, Chamorro Standard Time), -600 will be returned.