How to fix "ERROR: column c.relhasoids does not exist" in Postgres?

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I’m trying to CREATE TABLE command in Postgresql. After creating a table, if I punch in TABLE table name, it works.

But I punch in \d table name, I keep getting an error below.

ERROR: column c.relhasoids does not exist LINE 1: ...riggers, c.relrowsecurity, c.relforcerowsecurity, c.relhasoi...

I attempted DROP DATABASE table name recreated a database and recreated a table again several times. But it didn't work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you.

I am able to reproduce your error if I am using Postgres v.12 and an older client (v.11 or earlier):

[root@def /]# psql -h
psql (11.5, server 12.0)
WARNING: psql major version 11, server major version 12.
         Some psql features might not work.
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# create table mytable (id int, name text);
postgres=# table mytable;
 id | name 
(0 rows)

postgres=# \d mytable;
ERROR:  column c.relhasoids does not exist
LINE 1: ...riggers, c.relrowsecurity, c.relforcerowsecurity, c.relhasoi...

This is because in v. 12, table OIDs are no longer treated as special columns, and hence the relhasoids column is no longer necessary. Please make sure you're using a v. 12 psql binary so you don't encounter this error.

You may not necessarily be using psql, so the more general answer here is to make sure you’re using a compatible client.

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For anyone running Postgres as a Docker container:

Instead of running psql from the host, run it from inside the container e.g.

docker exec -it postgres_container_name psql your_connection_string

The Postgres image always ships with the corresponding—and thus always updated—version of psql so you don't have to worry about having the correct version installed on the host machine.

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I had this issue today, was unable to continue work due to this, strangely the application code is working fine.

Later, found this issue is only occurring if I use OmniDb client I use to connect to DB.

I have switched client to default pgAdmin 4 that comes with postgres installation & issue is not occurring anymore pgAdmin 4. Link:

Its possible that OmniDb client might be older, but no time to troubleshoot it, using pgAdmin 4 for now.

Hope that helps.

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I had the same issue today too. In my case, the problem was solved when I deleted the version 12 and installed the version 11. Seems that v12 has some features that must be create along the others columns.

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I had the same problem. But I found the solution by downloading the latest build on 14/10/2019 Follow the link:

I hope it helps

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  • What version are you using?
  • It was solved! Thank you so much everyone! locate pg_hba.conf createdb Nao Then it worked.
  • Simple solution that worked is here -
  • What do you mean by " if I punch in TABLE table name, it works. "
  • Thank you so much! I am using v11.5... I'll try to uninstall and reinstall postgress again.
  • This answer led me to the culprit in my case: I have multiple PgAdmin installations, and Windows search was only giving me an old one to use. Therefore I was using an old PgAdmin with a Postgres v12.
  • That really misses the point. You need to be able to access a container independently.
  • I’m not sure what "accessing a container independently" means in this context or why the command in my reply is somehow not allowing that?
  • Because having to directly access the container may not always be possible. The problem here seems to require a separate postgres service. Downgrading the psql client, or upgrading the server is the solution; not simply bypassing the problem and running it together. That is not always possible due to other architectural constraints.
  • Of course; I did not suggest using Docker as a solution. That’s why I led with "For anyone running Postgres as a Docker container".
  • Can you please post an example of "your_connection_string"?
  • You were probably using psql from your Postgres 11 installation to connect to Postgres 12 - you should have used psql for Postgres 12