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I have the following data frame:

mydata <- data.frame(Farmer = c(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8),
              Farmer_Year = seq(2009,2016,1),
              Total_Output = c(560,290,458,612,450,380,500,290),
              Vegetable_Out = c(354,120,330,260,380,2020,357,95))

I want to select only the farmers whose Vegetable output exceeds 60% of the total output. How do I do this with R?

I believe this would work, using the dplyr package.


mydata %>% 
  filter(`Vegetable Out` / `Total output` > 0.6)

In the future, please read how to create a minimal reproductible example by sharing your data in a form that is directly usable in R so that it is easier to help you.

Also, it would be useful to read the dplyr documentation, since subsets are a very basic operation on data frames.

Filter by using advanced criteria - Excel, If the Excel data you want to filter requires complex criteria you can filter by using advaned criteria. To open the Advanced Filter dialog box, click Data > Advanced. The Sort & Filter group on the Subject to Got It terms and conditions  I have a data in which I need to filter and re-arrange columns and add a new column based on multiple conditions. Couldn't figure it out how to be done. Kindly support. I was able to sort two colum




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filter: Return rows with matching conditions in dplyr: A Grammar of , Unlike base subsetting with [, rows where the condition evaluates to NA are For this reason, filtering is often considerably faster on ungroup() ed data. Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble filtering a data set based on multiple conditions. Here is an example spreadsheet that shows the logic chains that I would like to have: Basically:

Using data.table package

dt[, .SD[`Vegetable Out` / `Total output` > 0.6]]

Filtering Data and If Condition - Build, Hello, I have an excel file with some data. in column E i have two in the two boxes of the if activity place your actions based on the condition. Spark filter()or where()function is used to filter the rows from DataFrame or Dataset based on the given condition or SQL expression. You can use where()operator instead of the filter if you are coming from SQL background. Both these functions operate exactly the same.

Please provide the code to reproduce the example above. Here is the base code without loading any library

Farmer <-  c(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

year <-  c(2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

`Total output` <- c(560, 290, 458, 612, 445, 380, 500, 290)

`Vegetable Out` <- c(334, 120, 330, 260, 380, 200, 357, 95)
df <- data.frame(Farmer, year, `Total output`, `Vegetable Out`)

df[df$Vegetable.Out / df$Total.output >= 0.6, ]


  Farmer year Total.output Vegetable.Out
3      3 2011          458           330
5      5 2013          445           380
7      7 2015          500           357

Subset rows using column values, Note that when a condition evaluates to NA the row will be dropped, unlike base subsetting with [ . filter(.data, , .preserve = FALSE)  Following is the syntax of using LINQ where clause filtering operator in method syntax to get data from collection list based on conditions. C# Code IEnumerable < string > result = countries.Where(x => x.StartsWith( "A" ));

How to Filter Query Results using WHERE, This clause makes it possible to filter only those rows you wish to include in your result. A where clause is a condition that must be met in order for a row to be For example, if your data was inconsistent and states in the database are in  I have a data in which I need to filter and re-arrange columns and add a new column based on multiple conditions. Couldn't figure it out how to be done. Kindly support. I was able to sort two columns and then I'm stuck how to produce the code and logic. Alm id has multiple occurances.

Scenario: Filtering rows of data based on a condition and saving the , Before the input data is filtered, duplicate entries are first removed from the list. The input file contains three columns: Name, Country, and Age, a Filtered data (after subsetting) is stored on new dataframe called newdf. Symbol & refers to AND condition which means meeting both the criteria. This part of code (df.origin == "JFK") & (df.carrier == "B6") returns True / False. True where condition matches and False where the condition does not hold.

Pandas Filter - How to Filter Rows by Condition, Filtering data is one of the very basic operation when you work with data. as AND and '|' operator as OR to connect multiple filter conditions. Hi, I am fairly new to PowerApps and building a Questionnaire App (includes 6-9 different scenarios) for my team where I source data from multiple SharePoint lists. I have a text box - StoreID which may contain 1 or more values separated by a delimiter ",". I need to filter a gallery of Interface