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I have a field with latin1_swedish_ci collation and inserted data is visible to me as a set of question marks ????????.

How to convert existing (??)question mark data with original data?

Note:(???)question mark data in table in actually in gujarati language data.

I am using code-igniter,mysql and phpmyadmin


The default encoding for inbound connections isn't set properly. DEFAULT CHARSET will return as utf8 however character_set_server will be something different. In the above, the character_set_server was set as latin1.


Set default-character-set=utf8, as detailed in Configuring Database Character Encoding.

latin1 (swedish_ci) to utf-8 (general ci) conversion in MySQL 5 , Hi, Could someone tell me the easiest way to convert a MySQL 5 database (​including all tables and content) from latin1 with the default swedish collation to utf-8  Table: defaults (latin1 & latin1_swedish_ci) Column: utf8 & utf8_unicode_ci whenever needed defaults (latin1 & latin1_swedish_ci) otherwise. There can be number of solutions to this problem, but the following solution worked for me in some worst case scenarios too.

Try changing the column's character set sample code is below.

ALTER TABLE `your_table` 
CHANGE COLUMN `name` `name` VARCHAR(45) 

Note: When records are already ??????? in the table, the data to be reinserted again.

The existing data will not change once collation changes.

change encoding of database from latin1_swedish_ci to utf8 , If you have any stored procedures that use database defaults, you must drop and recreate those stored procedures. If the ALTER DATABASE  Introduction. When you create a new database on MySQL, the default behaviour is to create a database supporting the latin1 character set. This is fine for most use cases, however if your application needs to support natural languages that do not use the Latin alphabet (Greek, Japanese, Arabic etc.), then you will need to convert your database to use UTF-8 1 instead.

Most probably you can change the collation through the phpmyadmin page

Follow this steps

1) Select you database

2) Go to Operations in the menu

3) Scroll Down to the bottom and you will see the collation

Change the collation and click GO

Convert all tables in a MySQL database to utf8_general_ci, Even though all default settings include “utf8-general-ci” every newly created database keeps getting that “swedish” collation and character set! So one way to​  How to convert latin1_swedish_ci data into utf8_general_ci? 2 Cannot insert chinese in mysql database through utf8 encoding ( Warning 1336 incorrect string value)

How to convert a MySQL database from utf8mb4 to utf8?, How do I change the character set of a mysql database? Migrating from latin1_swedish_ci to utf8_general_ci database Post by henryvuong » Wed Nov 26, 2008 4:40 pm I run a Vietnamese web site and am migrating from version 1.0.13 to 1.5.8.

How to convert a MySQL database to UTF-8 encoding, This post talks about the real problem going underneath the cushy MySQL cover, and more important tells you how to solved it. The core of the problem is that the MySQL database was created several years ago and the default collation at the time was latin1_swedish_ci. Over the years, I changed the default to utf8_general_ci for new columns, but existing tables and columns weren’t changed. I have over 100 tables in latin1 that should be UTF-8 and need to be converted.

What's the difference between utf8_general_ci and utf8_unicode_ci , How to convert mysql database charset to utf-8. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 4 months ago. latin1_swedish_ci to utf8-general-ci. How to do this ? mysql utf-8. Even though all default settings include “utf8-general-ci” every newly created database keeps getting that “swedish” collation and character set! So one way to convert to utf8 is to go table by table and type the SQL command: ALTER TABLE `dbase`.`table` CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci

  • Hi Maulik. Please include sample of your table structure & data and also the query you have tried into your question. Thanks
  • I am edit my question and attached my one data
  • check:
  • See Question Marks in… - it lists the likely configuration problems that cause that problem.
  • i will try your query but it will affect 0 row. collation is chnages latiion1_swident to utf8 but inserted data (???? question mark) not replace with (typed by client) data. please help me
  • this was typed by user in other language and i boss client want to know exact data
  • Then there is no option to get back the data back. Should have tested this for other languages or need to accept the fault and move on.
  • If you need confirmation then try asking a new question then the community will share their knowledge.
  • Beware - There are different ways to use ALTER. Using the wrong technique only makes things worse.