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Please, I need to write this condition in excel as a function :

if( A1 = 2 AND A2= 3 ) then { A3 will equal 10}
  else if( A1 = 4 AND A2= 5 ) then { A3 will equal 20} 
  else if ( A1 = 6 AND A2= 7 ) then { A3 will equal 30}
  • A1, A2, A3 are the excel cells

thanks a lot in advance

Using some boolean logic:


How to convert this condition to an excel function ..?, What types of function formulas can you use in Excel? The Excel FILTER function "filters" a range of data based on supplied criteria. The result is an array of matching values the original range. When this array is the final result (i.e. the results are not handed off to another function) matching results will "spill" on to the worksheet.

Put the formula in A3:

=IF(AND(A1=2,A2=3),10,IF(AND(A1=4,A2=5),20,IF(AND(A1=6,A2=7,30,"NOT ANY OF THE CHOICES")))

How to use IF function in Excel: examples for text, numbers, dates , You use an IF statement to ask Excel to test a condition and to return one Using Excel IF function with dates; Excel IF statement for blank, want to run a macro so it can be convert to Text data in just near by column that is B. For example, CONVERT will help us to convert pounds to kilograms, feet to centimeters, or Fahrenheit to Celsius. Learn Excel unit conversion in this guide. Formula =CONVERT(number, “from unit “,”to unit”) The Excel CONVERT function uses the following arguments: Number (required argument) – The numeric value we wish to convert. From

As a literal interpretation, this formula matches what you're looking for:

=IF(AND(A1=2,A2=3),10,IF(AND(A1=4,A2=5),20,IF(AND(A1=6,A2=7),30,"invalid values")))

However, using a lookup table might be better, like so:

The lookup table is in columns E:G, and then the formula in cell A3 is (adjust the table ranges as necessary to account for all value combinations):


Replace a formula with its result - Excel, You can convert formulas to their values on either a cell-by-cell basis or convert an entire range at once. Replacing a formula with its result can be helpful if there are many or complex formulas in the Subject to Got It terms and conditions  Function Description. The Excel CONVERT function converts a number from one unit type (e.g. Yards) to another unit type (e.g. Meters). The function is new to Excel 2007, so is not available in earlier versions of Excel.

Introduction to Excel IF Function, This step by step tutorial shows how to use the IF function in Excel. It can fill cell fields for you based on evaluating a condition. And since I grew up in New England, this logic would change with the seasons to account for things like leaves  Convert Letter Grade To Number In Excel; If you have a sheet which contains student names and the letter grades, now you want to convert the letter grades to the relative number grades as below screenshot shown. You can convert them one by one, but it is time-consuming while there are so many to convert.

Excel IF Formula: Simple to Advanced, Including: Excel IF Function with Multiple Criteria, Nested IF, AND, OR Logical and change that text in the cell without the necessity to re-do the entire formula. The IF-THEN function in Excel is a powerful way to add decision making to your spreadsheets. It tests a condition to see if it's true or false and then carries out a specific set of instructions based on the results.

How to Make an Excel IF Statement, The Excel IF Statement function tests a given condition and returns one value for a TRUE result, and another for a FALSE result. For example, if sales total more  Use this function to return one value if a condition is true and another value if it's false. Here's a video about using the IF function. LOOKUP function. Use this function when you need to look in a single row or column and find a value from the same position in a second row or column. VLOOKUP function

  • Can you show us what you have tried so far? also: what happens if none of the conditions are met?
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