How to pass multiple arguments with url (routing) in laravel 5.1


I want to edit my table which having ID and TktID.

I want to pass this two parameters to edit method of my TestController.

My link:

<a href="/sig/edit?id={{$value->id}}&ticketid={{$value->ticketid}}" title="Edit signature">

My route.php


edit method of controller:

 public function edit($id, $ticketid)

How do I pass here two arguments in route.php to controller.

You forget end bracket

You have error in your routes.php file:

Route::get('sig/edit{id}{ticketid}', 'TicketsController@edit');

Should be:

Route::get('sig/edit/{id}/{ticketid}', 'TicketsController@edit');

Notice the forward slash after edit and id.

And in the view it should be either of the following:

<a href="{{ url('sig/edit/ ' . $value->id . '/' . $value->ticketid .')}}" title="Edit signature">


<a href="/sig/edit/{$value->id}/{$value->ticketid}" title="Edit signature">

I hope this helps you out. Cheers.

Laravel Passing Multiple Parameters In Route to Controller, Basic Routing; Route Parameters; Route Filters; Named Routes; Route Groups; Sub-Domain Routing; Route Registering A Route For Multiple Verbs Often, you will need to generate URLs to your routes, you may do so using the URL::to method: Of course, you may pass an array of constraints when necessary: Basic Routing. The most basic Laravel routes accept a accessed by entering the defined route's URL in your array of data to pass to the view as an optional

 <a class="getValues" href="/sig/edit" title="Edit signature"/>Edit</a>
    <input type="hidden" id="id" name="id" value"={{$value->id}}"/>
    <input type="hidden" id="ticketid" name="ticketid" value="{{$value->ticketid}}"/>

     var $id=jQuery('#id').val();
     var $ticketid=jQuery('#ticketid').val();


paste this line of code as first line in your controller's function ...

$inputs = Input::all();

and get values of input like

echo    $ticketid=$inputs['ticketid'];
 echo "<br/>";
 echo     $id=$inputs['id'];

HTTP Routing - Laravel, laravel 5.4 passing two parameters to route error. Posted 3 years ago by xuuto. i have this route. Route::get('/artist/{id}/{name}',  Laravel 5.1 doesn't allow you to pass in url params (is there configuration) Ask Question How to pass multiple arguments with url (routing) in laravel 5.1. 1.




<a href="{{route('sig.edit',[$value->id,$value->ticketid])}}" title="Edit signature">

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I found this way to keep your URL the same way and access multiple parameters

<a href="/sig/edit?id={{$value->id}}&ticketid={{$value->ticketid}}" title="Edit signature">


Route::get('sig/edit', 'TicketsController@edit');

Access the parameter values in the controller


public function edit(){
$id = Input::get('id');
$ticketId = Input::get('ticketid');

Note: import Input in controller

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Input;

laravel 5.4 passing two parameters to route error, each route in the group with a given URI. These URLs have a "signature" hash appended to the query string which allows Laravel to verify that the URL has not been modified since it was created. Signed URLs are especially useful for routes that are publicly accessible yet need a layer of protection against URL manipulation.

in routes/web.php file - This one works for me.

Route::any('/documents/folder/{args?}', function($args){
   $args = explode('/', $args);
   return $args;
})->where('args', '(.*)');

It should handle every argument/parameter now.

Hope it works !

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Laravel 5 routing using prefix, laravel pass multiple variables to controller how to pass parameter in url in laravel 5 laravel route 2 parameters laravel pass parameter to controller laravel  Basic Routing. The most basic Laravel routes accept a URI and a Closure, providing a very simple and expressive method of defining routes: Route::get('foo', function { return 'Hello World'; }); The Default Route Files. All Laravel routes are defined in your route files, which are located in the routes directory. These files are automatically

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  • ok how about calling from broswer ip/sig/edit/ree will it work ?
  • There is no form to submit. Can this two hidden field will be submitted on clicking URL?
  • @martin now try this one it will work without having a form to submit