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Is it possible somehow to crop animated gif with builtin php libraries, ie without using Imagick etc?

Thanks ;)

There are no "built-in" image processing libraries in PHP. You have to use GD, Imagick, etc.

Crop & Resize Animated GIF without Losing Animation in PHP , PHP tutorial for Beginners: Learn how to Resize Animated GIF And Crop it without Losing The Animation in a PHP Website. Refer this PHP  PHP crop animated gif. 0. How to resize gif with standard php functions without losing the animation. 1. Animated GIF Image Resize with Imagick PHP. 3.

you can modify my class' resize() method to get your animated gif cropped.

The class is resizing GIF animations with GD. First parses the frames, then resizes them, after that it compiles them again into single file without losing its delay times,disposal methods, color tables etc.

Resize animated GIF, When resizing and cropping images, many popular PHP packages break the GIF animation and save it as a static image. However, it is  Knowing that it’s not possible to do this with PHP GD directly, I still wanted to try if it would be possible with some other PHP solutions. After searching the web I found the ‘GIFEncoder.class’ by László Zsidi on In this blogpost I’ll write a small demo on generating an animated gif with this class.

This solved my problem to crop GIF using Imagick

$image = new \Imagick('path_to_image');

foreach ($image as $frame) {
    $frame->cropImage($width, $height, $x, $y);
    $frame->setImagePage($width, $height, 0, 0);

$blob = $image->getImageBlob();

How to Resize and Crop GIF Animations in PHP, The first step is to extract each frame, each individual image of the GIF, to modify them. For this, we will use the PHP class GIFDecoder.class.php  resize animated gif with imagemagick and php. 246. Recommendation for compressing JPG files with ImageMagick. 0. GraphicsMagick Webcam with stamp and private area. 4.

How to Resize an Animated GIF Without Losing the Animation in PHP, Upload and crop GIFs. Simple, free online web based tool designed to quickly crop or slice parts of animated images. Upload GIF from your your device or enter​  convert input.gif -coalesce -repage 0x0 -crop WxH+X+Y +repage output.gif Animated gifs are often optimised to save space, but imagemagick doesn't seem to consider this when applying the crop command and treats each frame individually. -coalesce rebuilds the full frames.

Crop animated GIF, GIF, MIFF, and MNG animation sequences typically start with an image background and each subsequent image varies in resize and/or crop an animated GIF An image processing library for PHP. Unique Features. These are the features that make Grafika unique from other libs: Smart Crop - Grafika can guess the crop position based on the image content where the most important regions are preserved. Animated GIF Support - It can resize animated GIFs on both GD and Imagick. On GD, Grafika uses its own

Imagick::coalesceImages - Manual, to create an animated gif with gifsicle, but without storing temporary images on disk: <?php $cmd = 'gifsicle --loop -O1 --multifile --delay 25 - > '.$outfile; GIF cropping tool A simple online tool for cropping and slicing animated GIF, WebP and PNG images. Just upload the GIF and use your mouse or trackpad to select the part of the image you want to crop/trim. You can also fill in the desired dimensions (in pixels) manually.