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I would like to set label size the same as screen size.

f.e. for large screen large label, for small screen small label.

In Bootstrap 3 they do not have separate classes for different styles of labels.

However, you can customize bootstrap classes that way. In your css file

.lb-sm {
  font-size: 12px;

.lb-md {
  font-size: 16px;

.lb-lg {
  font-size: 20px;

Alternatively, you can use header tags to change the sizes. For example, here is a medium sized label and a small-sized label

<link href="" rel="stylesheet"/>
<h3>Example heading <span class="label label-default">New</span></h3>
<h6>Example heading <span class="label label-default">New</span></h6>

bootstrap label size, An example of bootstrap label size. Easy to implement and customize. Examples of basic and advanced usage. Detailed documentation and more examples you  Bootstrap - Labels - This chapter covers Bootstrap labels. Labels are great for offering counts, tips, or other markup for pages. Use class .label to display labels as shown in the

Bootstrap Label (class size), manipulate the bootstrap label via css - overriding the default attributes of the immediate parent element, <H1> in this example. I have an asp page using bootstrap and I can't figure out how to change the size of a label in a form group. If I change the &lt;div&gt; column size it changes the width for the label and input. I

if you have

<span class="label label-default">New</span>

just add the style="font-size:XXpx;", ej.

<span class="label label-default" style="font-size:15px;">New</span>

Bootstrap Badges and Labels, Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java  One thing you should notice here, bootstrap does not provide any class to change the bootstrap label size. However, you can change the bootstrap label size by using the CSS font size property. How to Create Bootstrap Badge If you want to show your users the important notifications like number inbox messages, notifications for your website.

Set font-weight using Bootstrap classes, How do I increase the size of a label in HTML? Bootstrap’s font sizes are calculated off of the body font size by using rem values. If you change the body font size all styles will be increased/decreased automatically. Rem stands for “root em” because it calculates the size based on the size of the root of the document or body tag. So Bootstrap’s global default font-size is 16px. 1rem = 16px

Bootstrap - Labels, Set the heights of input elements using classes like .input-lg and .input-sm . You can quickly size labels and form controls within a Horizontal form by adding​  Another approach would be to calculate the font size based on the viewport height and width. As the viewport gets smaller, the font-size will get smaller. This is not the default behavior in Bootstrap 4 because font sizes are relative to the body font size of 16px. So you will need to use a custom class .text-responsive to add this new

How to increase the size of a label in HTML, What is the default size of h5 Bootstrap heading? How to Increase the Default Bootstrap Font Size; How to Change the Bootstrap Font Family for  Bootstrap 4 Default Settings. Bootstrap 4 uses a default font-size of 16px, and its line-height is 1.5. The default font-family is "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif. In addition, all <p> elements have margin-top: 0 and margin-bottom: 1rem (16px by default).

  • OK. But how could I use this classes dyanmically? Like in column size col-md-6 col-xs-12.
  • This question is about expanding the label to the size of the screen, rather than increasing the size of the text in the label.